Young Jeezy is being sued by a Wisconsin rapper for ripping him off! However, this rapper and his “hit song” that was jacked cannot be found anywhere???

Check out the details below!

Young Jeezy is being sued by Christopher Syrrakos aka Big Chris for stealing his song! The Wisconsin rapper claims that the “Seen It All” rapper’s hit “Me OK” is a ripoff of his “13 Shots” song!

Big Chris claims he dropped that song 5 years before Jeezy! But the thing that seems to have everyone scratching their heads is where is this so-called song “13 Shots?” There is no trace of the song or his album “Big Chris Uncut” on iTunes or Google! I guess all we can do now is wait for him to surface…

I think this is just another rapper who did not make it looking for his 15 seconds of fame! What do you think? Comment below!


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