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The south, mainly Atlanta, is well known for its ability to together even though the competition is very fierce. Not many rappers beef from Atlanta against each other, you may have to go all way back to T.I. and Shawty Lo and the beginning of Jeezy and Gucci Mane. Otherwise the city gets along fine, but now it looks as if some words were exchanged on Twitter between Future and Young Thug…

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Future is releasing his new album Evol a few hours ahead of scheduled time and that sent the internet in a craze. That apparently bothered Young Thug as he had some not so subtle tweets for Atlanta’s most notorious codeine sipper.

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Future would have some response of his own and now it looks like there will be a mini battle of projects as Young Thug has his third imprint of the Slime Season series set to drop around the same time also. Thug had got into on Twitter with Metro Boomin, Future’s main producer, even though that was squashed there may still be some feelings involved on his side.

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