“Let’s Talk About Pep” Wrap Party



The cast of VH1’s “Let’s Talk about Pep” partied at Comix in New York City yesterday for the season finale of the serious based on the lives of Sandy ‘Pepa” Denton (from the group Salt N’ Pepa) and her friends Jacque Reid, Kitty, and Joumana. The homies over at Neverheardofit.net posted the party pictures which was in celebration of the show’s success with guests including DL Hughley, Gayle King, RHOA Dwight, and MTV’s Sway. I wish Salt was there…Spinderella too…put that DYNAMIC treo back on the map. I mean, they WERE the BEST selling female rap group of all time. Yeah, all time.

Look at Gayle King. She looks wasted! Party, party, party..Free GUCCI!…


  1. I like that show Kitty is my favorite, Jacque is so innocent and lovable, Pep is always holding it down, and Joumana seems is fun to be around.

  2. I absolutely LOVE LOVE this show! I totally agree with Renee, I love kitty! She really makes the show! Now Pep i love her but whats up with Chinese man? Don’t get me wrong I’m not against integrated couples, nor am i a racist……but that damn Chinese man (Tom) is UGLY as hell! He looks like he’s sucking sour candy! Pep is a pretty woman, she can do so much better! Besides that the show is really great…..I hope there’s a season two!


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