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1 Out Of Every 5 Women Prefer Facebook Over SEX!

No, your mind isn’t playing tricks on ya. This isn’t the Geto Boys music video. You’ve definitely read that correctly as well. Not only did Zuckerberg make a himself a billion dollar idea, he also got females giving up SINS for him!

“In a poll we just conducted of over 2,000 respondents, nearly 20 percent of people actually said they’d rather give up sex for a week than give up the ‘book for a week. Of course, we’re happy that this stat also means that four out of five women prefer sex over Facebook. That’s more like it, ladies.” ~Comso
That’s freaking crazy… How addicted to a networking site can you be?, (Where’s the DISLIKE BUTTON when you need it!!!) I mean it doesn’t make sense, but aye w/e works for the person. It should keep a few females from having pregnancy scares and the risk/dangers from a STD. So there is a bright side to it yet. lol

Comsopolitan magazine conducted a recently survey and about things female would give up for a week for either sex or some type of technology.

“The poll we conducted was in response to another survey we reported on last week, which identified all the things people would give up rather than go without their cell phone. We decided to ask Cosmo readers what you’d choose if—for seven days straight—you had to go without either sex or a form of technology such as cell phone, texting, Facebook, computer, or TV. Besides the aforementioned Facebook statistic, here’s how the rest of technology fared against good old fashioned animalistic sexy time.” ~Comso

-Nearly half of you would give up your cell and another 70% of you would give up texting for sex.

-43 percent would ditch the computer in order to get busy with their guy.

-80 percent would give up their favorite TV shows for a week as long as they could keep doing the nasty.

Let us know, what would you give up for a week straight some type of technological out-let or sexual intercourse?

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