10-Year Old Girl Charged With Rape


girl_charged_assault-300x242A ten year old girl is being charged with aggravated sexual assault for playing “doctor” with a bunch of children near her home.

While watching them play, neighbors spotted the girl touching a 4-year-old boy near his private area, phoned the boy’s mother, and 2 months later police from the Houston Police Department arrests the young girl on suspicion of rape.

The girl spent four nights in the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center, and she said this of her experience:

“I was crying and they took me to the car and I didn’t want to get in and I was crying and I was moving and trying not to get in the police car and my Mom told me to calm down.”

The child’s mother and Quanell X, a family friend and the leader of the local New Black Panther Party chapter, are shocked of the serious charges. X said this:

“In fact this was nothing more than inappropriate horseplay that has now lead to a child that is ten years old being charged with aggravated rape.”

The 10-year-old’s hearing is expected to start in October.

Watch the full story below.

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SOURCE: Fox 26 

Written by Danie Buchanan



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