100 Year Old Grandmother Gets Stripper For Birthday


When Clare Ormiston was asked what she would like for her 100th birthday her reply baffled relatives but her wish was granted once a stripper arrived and put on the show of a lifetime. Ms. Ormiston wanted to bring her milestone birthday in with style and her relatives made sure that came true for her. Check the video inside.

Her daughter claims her first request was to go on the moon, ‘Seeing as that was pretty impossible I said, ‘What about something else?’ and she said “a stripper”. ‘I couldn’t believe it. She’s got a wicked sense of humor – I nearly fell off my chair.’

What was the new  centenarian’s reaction when a male stripper named Scorpion rocked up to the residential home to fulfill her wish last week? ‘I enjoyed that. It definitely put a smile on my face.”

What would you say if your grandmother asked you for a stripper?



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