112’s Q Parker To Release Calendar & Solo Music


R&B singer Q Parker of musical group 112 has released a new calendar and single. Q, known as the founding member of 112 released a fitness to help with cancer prevention. Along with photos for the year, the calendar will also provide health facts, inspirational quotes, and workout tips. A portion of the sales will help prostate, breast, and ovarian cancer research.

Besides working on his calendar, Q is about to release his official solo single “Show You How.” The single will be featured on his debut album “Q Parker: The Manual,” which will be released in 2012. Look inside to check out the new single.

The members of 112 have not been seen in the spotlight. But the “Peaches And Cream” singer has been busy writing songs for Kelly Price, Keyshia Cole, 112, and others. For more information about Q or his latest news visit, www.qparkerfitnesscalendar.com

Personally I think the new joint is hot! This is going to be a banger, watch! What do you think of the new song?

Spotted @WizNation


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