13-Year-Old Michael Chitwood Attacked & Hung By 7 Classmates



A cell phone video taken in a Philadelphia suburb shows a 13-year-old boy being kicked, dragged through the snow and then hoisted into a tree by his alleged attackers. He tries to run away but is caught again, and the bullies hang him by his jacket on a seven-foot-high metal fence. WOW People this is crazy, what time’s and day’s are we living in, when people do things like this? Here’s the video please tell me what you think?

Faces have been blurred in the video to protect identities. But the alleged attackers are the victim’s classmates, ranging from age 13 to 17, according to police. They captured the victim on his way home from school last month. Six of the alleged attackers have been arrested on charges including kidnapping and false imprisonment, and police are seeking the seventh.


The teen was not seriously injured. A good Samaritan came by, took the victim off of the fence and walked him home.

“They could have killed that kid, impaling him by the neck on that metal barrier. This kid was screaming for help and they beat this kid…it’s bullying, it’s bullying in America at its worst, it’s caught on video,” Michael Chitwood, the Superintendent of Upper Darby Police, told press.

Chitwood said the arrests at Upper Darby High School are related to a Jan. 11 assault at an apartment complex courtyard. The video was taken by one of the seven alleged attackers.

The teen, whose identity is being withheld, says he was terrified.

“I tried to get out, tried to leave, tried to escape, tried to get up the tree and run away, but even when I did that, got out the tree the first time, they attacked me and they caught me again,” the teen told ABC News.

His mom told ABC News, crying, “This is scary man. This is crazy — there is nothing you can do to protect your own kids. What can I do about it? I’m a single person, I got two hands and two feet. I can’t fight a whole group, I can’t fight a whole school, I can’t fight a whole district.”

It’s still not clear what prompted the attack, but the teens attended an alternative school together for troubled students.

The district’s superintendent released this statement: “Although the news report of this incident may appear to give Upper Darby High School a public relations black eye, please know that the safety of every child in this district is of our utmost importance…I’ll take a black eye in the press anytime if it keeps a child safe.”


  1. Why though why would they do it its no way that someone will do that for no reason they must had beef wit the lil dude or there lil brother or cousin had a problem with him so the older kids help jump him idk don’t sound right. but that dont give there azz to put there hands on nobody that how n*ggas get clapped

  2. Bullying is going to far nowadays. Kids are killing themselves and the schools do nothing. I here he’s home schooled now. I don’t blame his mom for that one. That boy(nadin) is stand up kid. Luv the way he carries himself on the show. Its sad cause we are losing our youth.

  3. they need to be charged as adults this is horrible…….and i dont feel sorry for them at all….give them the max of what they can get…

  4. I do not, in any way, condone what happened to this kid. I have a teenaged grandson that I love dearly. He is not an instigator, but he chooses to follow other teens, and he ends up in trouble. If he did something this terrible, I would not want him tried as an adult. Nor would I want a harsh penalty for him. People should ask themselves ifthey would want their child or grandchild punished this way befiore they make suggestions. I am upset that this child was treated this way. I hope he gets the counseling and support that he needs to cope with this tragic ordeal. As regards to my grandson, my daughter will choose an appropriate punishment for him.

  5. @ALF… This is a perfect example of poor parenting. Always saying boys will be boys instead of tearing that ass up as MADEA would say. I had my son at 16 years old, but I knew he was my responsibility and I gave up my life to do right by him and make sure he was raised correctly. When children act this way it is because of something going on in the home like neglect, or bad parenting, not enough discipline or a failure to guide them properly . Those boys abused that poor kid and you still want to give them a tap on the hand. My son would have walked away because he knows that I would have beat his ass and turned him into the police. Too many smacks and you have Black America gone wild. My son is an honor roll student, he was taught to love and have respects for others. He was raised to understand the laws and how not to violate them. These are things I instilled in him as a child and they have stuck with him in his teen years. Parents we have to do better and a slap on the hand does not cut it in America. I feel bad for the little boy and I hope they get what they deserve. Put your children first, give them the love, care, and proper discipline they need and they won’t be perfect, but the world would be a little better off. With that being said, where in the HELL are their daddy’s. Black America we need to do better. For real!!

  6. Take the kids that did the crime down to the prison and leave them in their for about 2 weeks. That should be enough time for them to learn from their mistakes…hopefully. Knowing these kids nowadays, they may like being locked up and being another man’s bytch. I’m pissed at this story. Thoughts are not clear so excuse my expressions.

  7. This child is being told to stay away from his school and deprieved of his education because he told on a bunch of no shit niggas that could have killed him!!! A SNITCH?!!!! SERIOUSLY?!! I bet if each one of those PUNK ASSES were attacked by seven men, they would be singing to the police like BITCHES! And to the school what a disgrace. If they can not protect him and they tell him to stay away from the school, the school district should pay for him to go to private school! To do him like that is wrong on so many levels. And you wonder why we have a high rate of black males that don’t graduate from school. Behavior like this.


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