14 Year Old Boy Charged In Drive By Shooting In DC



D.C. police say a 14-year-old was driving a minivan involved in a fatal drive-by shooting that involved 9 people. 5 people were injured and 4 people were killed. The boy has been charged with murder and a family court judge said Wednesday he would be held at a juvenile facility because he is a threat to himself, others, and he is a flight risk. This is why we need more mentors and role models. This child is obviously angry about something. A gunman shot rounds from a moving van into a crowd, police said Wednesday. Three suspects have been arrested in the drive-by shooting Tuesday that injured five others, but investigators said the motive wasn’t clear. 6 and 3 women were hit by the gunfire around 7:30 p.m. in a neighborhood known for drugs and related violence about 7 miles from the White House . Police spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump said Wednesday the 4th victim had died. The weapon was recovered. The Washington Post reported that police pursued a van from the scene, aided by a helicopter. Washington reported 143 homicides last year, the fewest in nearly 50 years.
Become a Mentor and help stop this epidemic!!! -Courtney L.

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  1. I love my city but this shit gotta stop…it hurts when our young men do stupid things like this..we do have to do better..

  2. The White House is in NW Washington D.C. The Shooting happened in SE Washington D.C. SE Washington D.C. is across the bridge. Once you cross that bridge it’s a whole other world. That part of D.C. has been forgotten. The crime is so high. I grew up there. I moved while still young but nothing has changed since I lived there from the late 70’s until the mid 80’s; nothing has changed. It still looks HOOD! There was no operation clean up on the South Side like in NW or NE. The south side is where they send Rookie Suburban cops to get their feet wet or asz kicked when they mess up in NW Washington D.C. In SE the Police get NO RESPECT! How can you respect someone that comes in swinging a night stick. They jump police in SE. Certain parts of SE the police is not going in; because it’s one way in and one way out. Super Sad to say the least. The kids there are out all night on big wheels and the local drug dealers supply the kids with crack mothers clothes and shoes. In SE you can always buy food stamps from a Crack mother, get house hold goods from a booster and any new movie out in the movies or cd can be brought black market. There’s a carry out and liquor store on every corner and for the people to be so poor they set the trends for the latest hair do’s and fashion. They ‘re really creative people. Most of the young men that live in these low income housing go to OAK HILL juvenile detention center where they RAP other little boys. That is so known that they gang rape in OAK HILL! If you’re not from a known hood that is known for sticking together and going hard; you will be taken for bad! Then those same little boys grow up to do the something in a adult detention center. Super Sad, I’ll say it again. Pray for them; I know I do!

  3. Dang @day,

    SE isn’t as bad as it used to be though and the SE area is split starting at East Capital Street! That area hasn’t been forgotten about there are a lot of historic history there to include Frederick Douglas’s home. Just because they live in low income areas that doesn’t mean that they have to treat it as such. That shooting was a retalitory one still unjustified in doing but this is the state that they are in because of the economy. A lot of the youth need jobs or job skills and with no way for them to access this keeps them at the poverty line.

    As far as fashion I wouldn’t say that they’re the best, many live beyond their means to keep up with the trends but there are certain things that are really unique to DC chicks especially the hood ones which I call “ghetto uniforms” like the piercing above the lip, that pony tail up high tucked under, the braids in a bun lop sided on the head, the stretch jeans from lucaya, purses to the slung to the side, those curly weaves that look like afros, straw curls, hair wraps, those cheap 2 or 4 big cornrows ($10 per corn row) those little jackets (members only looking ones), 992’s and skinny jeans!

    IDK, they are knocking down a lot of those government housing complexes and building new family homes, condo’s and town homes which i agree with, I mean what do you expect when you put a bunch of people together in an area they don’t own or take pride in, you guessed it they bring down the area because they have no reason to appreciate it. i think giving them vouchers and sprinkling them in well maintained area’s is good. In fact, they knoced down East gates years ago and there are nice homes there no, same thing with 58th street, E street and Alabama Avenue. Things don’t happen over night but the crime rate is substatially down this year.

  4. oh fyi I am from DC but I had a middle class family and grew up in NE and there were morals and a work ethic instilled in me at a VERY early age so a lot of this mess these younger youths (im 27) are doing is totally their own because they know better even if they weren’t taught.

  5. that is so dam sad it’s to many killings everywhere why is we doing this to ourself we should love each other but we don’t that’s how this world is stop the killings pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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