Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Show – Shade Fest on Bravo Tonight at 8pm


real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-hero-the-atlanta-reunion-beginsThe Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show Part I of a 3 part Series airs tonight. Yes Gawdddd!! There is more shade in the room than there is in all of Palm Springs in the Fall. Although I couldn’t wait to see my homie Phaedra battle it out with Stallion Booty DVD Creator Kenya Moore. I was most surprised that Porsha pulled out the BIG GUNS and shot Kenya Moore down. “Aggressive and Bitter” (or something like that) But yeah I did get a lot of AGRESSIVE and Bitter Tea from Kenya. HousewivesNot to mention the whole Copy Cat Move (tisk tisk tisk) and a touch of Paranoia (needing security for Walter?) Really??? And was this everybody pick on Porsha Stewart night or what??? Well I think it’s time for you to see Triumph’s interview with the ladies. He’s has enough Shade to throw to put an entire dark cloud on the city of Dallas, TX in the summertime. Check out the video.

In the classic clip, Cynthia invites the ladies to Peter Thomas’ Bar One restaurant for an impromptu luncheon with Conan, but instead of the late night talk show host, Triumph shows up to roast the ladies.


  1. Kenya Moore keeps saying she’s Gone with the Wind fabulous, I agree yes she is 1939 fabulous.(NOT) Bravo please fire Kenya Moore and make the show great again

  2. I am not surprised that there were fewer viewers of this show this season .people are fed -up with the nonsense .on their television screen.Have some class ladies Try to do something positive instead of bringing each other down .

    Kenya frightens me with her violent comments .Imagine —-she would take out all Phaedra’s teeth pregnant and all .WHAT kind of MISS U.S.A is this ?I think in order To get higher ratings Kenya must be out of that show .I will certainy stop watching until she is out .

    I was very pleased with the manner in which Porsha handled herself .She appeared to be confident and knowledgeable.

  3. when bravo decided to employ Kenya as one of the RHOA castmate the franchise immediately begin to deplete itself RHOA is not the same please fire her as well… she is so boring… and not revelant.


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