18-Year-Old Douglasville Kid Dead from Senseless House Party Gang Beating


Over the weekend, 18-year old Bobby Tillman was beaten to death by four young men for no reason. According to AJC , a house party in Douglasville, GA that was only supposed to be for 10 teenagers turned into a party of 50-60 kids. The parents of the party asked everybody to leave and that’s when things got crazy outside the home where a girl hit a male and the male vowed not to hit her back but to hit the next male that walked by.

That person was 5’6″, 125lbs Bobby Tillman. The young man was beaten, jumped, and stomped to death. Douglas County Deputies bussed 57 teenagers on a bus and interviewed each of them. Four young men, Emanuel Boykins, Horace Coleman, Quantez Mallory, and one unidentified man, were arrested.

NAACP has launched an investigation on the Deputies questioning and process of piling the kids on a bus to be interrogated. It is so sad to see a young black man lose his life for such a senseless reason.

Do you think NAACP is doing the most with their time and efforts in launching an investigation on the Deputies?

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25 responses to “18-Year-Old Douglasville Kid Dead from Senseless House Party Gang Beating”

  1. Tree says:

    NAACP needs to putting together a plan to help console the family of the victim. Or help the children that was there and may be scared from the horrific events. Racism is one thing but in a situation like this no matter how the truth was found shouldn’t matter. Why not put all the children together and sort the story out before they get a chance to implement the “stop snitching” code of the street BS!. A young man life was taking over nothing and the NAACP is worried about how the truth was obtained…smh People of power in this country are full of shit.

  2. boo says:

    NAACP. Really??? Investigating the cops? Really? That’s moronic. They should be holding investigations on the fucks who did that.

  3. TAMMI PRICE says:

    The NAACP is a JOKE! This young man was, “beaten, jumped, and stomped to death!” This is so sad…My prayers go out to Bobby Tillman’s family. May he rest in peace.

  4. Faith says:

    There is so much angry among our teens; racism is not the issue, the problem lies within the individual. What provokes a person to a take another life without cause. These are looking for validation, acceptance, and most importantly love.

  5. LaTanya says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with them gathering all the witnesses before they were able to leave and start changing their stories. It seems that the people who committed this senseless crime was caught and that is what the focus should be on!

  6. Angela F says:

    May you rest in peace!!!

  7. faye says:

    NAACP this is not your fight this time, they had all rights to question everybody on the seen.Such a tragic loss .

  8. Al says:

    I think the NAACP was trying to do is investigate if Douglass County Police department followed the rules. It was stated that parents was thier at the party. If the children was white would they handle the situation the same. The whole situation is sad.

  9. Teresa says:

    This is sad, another young man losing his life.
    He looked like he was very outgoing and humble, I pray
    his family will pull through this you never want you’re children to
    go before you. I don’t think it was his time to go.
    Some kids end up at the wrong place this is just really sad.

  10. Jazz says:

    So sad…im praying for his mom because i know she is SICK 🙁

  11. Jazz says:

    So Sad…I will be praying for his mom..I know she is SICK…RIP Bobby

  12. Dave says:

    I wish someone would investigate the NAACP. They are like angry wasps. If something happens to a black person, even if the perps are black, they are going to swarm like angry wasps and sting any whitey in the area. In this case, the damn deputies.

  13. Don Phillips says:

    Kids these days display false courage which leads to stupid mistakes. They are growing up in the streets, not at home. There are some parents like Mrs. Tillman who care for their children, but can’t be with them 24/7. A message must be given to the kids that make these dumb mistakes. One is ” You are responsible for your actions”. Another is ” If you want to fight, join the military”.

    As a retired Marine, I feel that there is too much violence on our streets. Youths today learn violence in the wrong way and time. Especially on the Innocence. There was a four star general some years ago who stated that prisons who be empty if they were all taken to combat for the country.

    I this is a way of violence, then let combat be the resolve. They will then have something to fight for as well as the person they are fighting.

    Mrs. Tillman, my heart goes out to you!

  14. venae says:

    This case is truly a sad one and very personal. He was the best friend of my little cousin and he was such a joy to be around. My heart is broken for his mom and grandmother, who is still in shock and waiting for him to walk through the door…these monsters decided that they would open the car door and drag him out to beat him to death, just because. I’m so thankful that he wasn’t with him but he is hurt that he wasn’t there to protect his “brother” .He was in the car with other people but no one intervened. He was so excited about leaving for college in January. It is a very sad time for us who had embraced him since he had moved from Cali. Please pray for the family because this is truly a trying time…

  15. can'tbeserious says:

    REALLY?!?! WHY IS THERE A RACE ISSUE IN THIS! I don’t care if this was a white party or not. A YOUNG BLACK MAN WAS KILLED BY OTHER YOUNG IGNANT BLACK MEN! And the police acted quickly. I applaud them for the arrest and how the information was obtained. Gosh, the NAACP is really starting to piss me off.

  16. LAYLA says:

    RIP Baby boy. So sad how this young man’s life was lost over something so senseless and ignorant. I hope the ones responsible spend the rest of their lives in jail thinking about what they did. I totally understand them loading all the victims up to get the answers they needed, I mean a life was lost.

  17. chris says:

    Sad story, but take it from someone that was born and raised in douglasvile, its definitely not idiotic to investigate the police. Many things in that town, such as black on black violence is way too commonly swept under the rug.

  18. Living in Douglasville says:

    I feel for this child’s mother and family. Those teens that stomped him for no reason deserve the punishment that the law imposes on them. They dont deserve to see the light of day. The act was senseless and brought out by hate that they have for themselves. The children that committed this crime obviously had no hopes or dreams they had nothing to look forward to in life. The pics look like thugs. They probably had no college in their future would be criminals anyway with that type of mentality.

  19. kita says:

    Yo this right here has me so upset, and I mean like did they really beat this boy to death, and for absolutely nothing. Wow this is just sad and I feel so bad for the family that lost their son to such a horrible act of violence and stupidity

  20. Louise says:

    I don’t see where the NAACP is doing anything anywhere. They are a very quite group, I feel they are afraid of being jailed or anything else if they speak up as a group. Not a member anymore, the only time i hear from them is when it’s time for dues, banquets and etc.

  21. kee says:

    rest in peace .

  22. sad says:

    i think these kids should get the death penalty……………….

  23. vision says:

    I did not know they were still around,m so that in itself says alot. R.I.P. naacp a young black man lost his life for no reason

  24. Gloria says:


  25. HookerBoots says:

    This violence stems from bad parenting, whats on TV, whats placed in the air, our food, drinking water and our corrupt euro-government.

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