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2 Chainz Headlines 4th Annual Street Execs Christmas Concert In Atlanta

DSC_4809Over 3000 people turned up for the 4th Annual Street Execs Christmas Concert at the Tabernacle in Atlanta.  The city’s biggest hip-hop stars came out to give back to the community.  The concert was hosted by R&B singer Monica and fans donated a toy for entry.  All of the gifts collected went to the Toys for Tots and the T.R.U. Foundation for less fortunate kids.

Some of the performers at the 4th Annual Street Execs Christmas Concert where Rich Homie Quam (pictured above with Monica), B.o.B., Young Dro, Que, and Trinidad James, Travis Porter, Young Dolph, Cap 1, and Young Money’s Shanell, .

DSC_4419B.o.B. turned up the crowd with hits from new album Undergroud Luxury, which is in stores now.

DSC_3922Trinidad James and Young Dro came out too.  Trinidad did his thing with “All Gold Everything” and Young Dro had the crowd screaming “FDB”.

DSC_48322 Chainz lovely wife Kesha, who heads up the T.R.U. Foundation was also in the building.

Check out all the photos from the event below. 

DSC_4238Shannon Brown escorted his wife and host for the evening Monica to the concert.

DSC_4205New comer Que killed his set performing his hit single “OG Bobby Johnson”.

DSC_4149Akon was in the building as well pictured here with Atlanta manager/promoter to the stars Johnnie Cabbell.

DSC_4143Shawty Lo and Comedian Shawty Shawty came out to support the charity event.

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