2011 List Of America’s Most Dangeous Cities #2 Atlanta


News and World Report’s just posted a list of “America’s Most Dangeous Cities.” I really don’t know what to think and have to say, “I am lost for words after finding out that Atlanta is 2# on the list”. Overall, the research indicates crime rates nationwide are down during a two decade period. According to the U.S. News and World Report article:

In 1991, there were 758 violent crimes per 100,000 Americans, compared to 2009’s figure of 429
Property crime has diminished similarly, and is down to 3,036 per 100,000 people from 5,140 in 1991
Total crime numbers have also decreased over that period, despite population increases
1.9 million violent crimes were reported in 1991, a figure that in 2009 stood at 1.3 million
Property crime has decreased even further, from 13.0 million incidents in 1991 to 9.3 million in 2009
An annual breakdown FBI crime data shows which cities in the U.S. have the highest overall incidence of crime, relative to the national rate. Each city is givn a Crime Risk Index to signify that relation. St. Louis, which tops the list of dangerous cities with a 530 CRI, has a crime rate 5.3 times the national average.

Below is a list of the cities ranked as the most dangerous:

1. St. Louis: 530
2. Atlanta: 484
3. Birmingham Alabama (tie): 380
3. Orlando (tie): 380
5. Detroit: 369
6. Memphis: 361
7. Miami: 346
8. Baltimore: 339
9. Kansas City, Missouri: 337
10. Minneapolis (tie): 331
10. Cleveland (tie): 331

6 responses to “2011 List Of America’s Most Dangeous Cities #2 Atlanta”

  1. cutiepie says:

    My city Baltimore is always on the list smdh

  2. KGDC says:

    You should check the acts of violence rates after the opening weekend of a Tyler Perry movie… there may be a correlation.

  3. michael says:

    i tend to be very skeptical of these crime lists, however on each one that i view, st louis tops them all. i have peeps over there and they second the notion. dang stl, better step your game up.

  4. Neka says:

    this list gotta b wrong

  5. queenB says:

    im from detroit jus moved here to bmore its not dangerous here. i love it. got a job n two weeks. its poppin here… i aint never been no where where the whole city is integrated with everyone. its money out here and bmore thats why its poppin…yall wouldnt know what to do with detroit’s economy and city.

  6. blackpepper says:

    Btw , I grew up in los angeles(south central to be exact) and the picture above was our neighborhood supermarket(manchester blvd/hoover st) … This particular scene was during the LA Riots… so my point is the picture gives the impression that the location is atlanta when its actually los angeles… BUT I am glad I found it because I DID save the picture because it really brings back memories of going to ABC market as a child…. and even though I remember the riots as well, I cherish the better memories of that neighborhood..

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