2nd Generation Wayans Canceled?

Remember cute Little G (George O Gore II)  from New York City Under Cover? Well “little G” is now “BIG G” as he co-stars/executive producer on the new series 2nd Generation Wayans that began January 2013.
Could his come back be short-lived?

The show  is executive produced by  Craig Wayans as Craig Damien Dante Wayans as Damien George O. Gore II as George  whom all also starred in the show along with Tatyana Ali as Maya.
2nd Generation Wayans is marketed as a comedy….REALLY??!! More like a Drama if you ask me!,
” During the show, viewers will see the good, the funny and the ugly as Damien Dante and Craig emerge from the long shadows of their uncles to carve out their own paths to stardom in Hollywood. Joining the duo on this ride is friend and business partner George O. Gore II and their office assistant Maya (played by Tatyana Ali).”
Well we attempted to view the show while it aired, and it was a struggle to make it through the whole 30 mins. It may not be such a great idea to have all the executive producers as stars because whatever comedy they saw we totally missed.
There were just too many clichés with the guys and their women problems and have I mentioned yet it wasn’t funny? Unfortunately, the show slot time was immediately after Husbands of Hollywood now that’s PURE comedy!! Although this may have gotten the viewers in numbers, but ultimately the very thing to help the show set it up for failure.
As of now BET has not renewed the show for another season.
Jet Magazine reported on the upfront for BET this season and Second Generation Wayans was not mentioned in the programming.
Welp Wayan’s children, better luck next time?
Maybe let Marlon and Shawn do the writing/producing next time around?
Whatever the solution, don’t give up just find the right market because comedy is not it BOO!
Story by: Tiffany


  1. The quality of the show was terrible it was something about the lighting it was horrible to even watch.. I know for sure I watch 2 eposide and that was because I was trying to force myself to… Its a shame that the show is horrible … I hate it for these kids but that show wasn’t were it was at.

  2. This show is incredible! Was a a a away better than the show Shawn and Marlon had. I hope they come back for season 2!!!

  3. Wtf I miss this show why the fuck they canceled this show man it was funny yet dramatic towards the end of the season please bring it back



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