5 Year Old Boy Abuses Grandma

A 5-year-old boy viciously beat his disabled grandmother with several items–including her walker–and then urinated on her back when she tried to escape!

The boy’s mother, Jessica Hatcher, was arrested on child neglect and incapacitated adult abuse charges because she sat on the couch and watched television while her 58-year old mother, Alice F. Hatch was beaten in their Jackson County, West Virginia trailer, reports Charleston Daily Mail.

According to reports, the victim, who suffers from kidney failure, pneumonia and uses a wheelchair and walking aid, told officers how the child began a tantrum earlier that morning, stemming from “simple parenting-type issues.”

Alice says things quickly turned physical when he grabbed her walker and began striking her with it, reports The Daily Mail. He then slapped her and spit in her face. She then tried to protect herself using a cane, but the boy disarmed her and began beating her with it.

This all unfolded as the boy’s mother, Jessica, sat only feet away and ignored her mother’s cries for help because was too engrossed in watching a television program. She told the victim she “can’t do anything with him,” reports The Daily Mail.

The grandmother managed to elude the child and locked herself in a bedroom. But he soon found her and began punching and kicking holes through the door until it gave way and he gained entry. Then he hit her with an aerosol can, she says.

The victim says she got into her wheelchair, exited the home and planned to lock herself in a car, but the boy caught up with her again and knocked her to the ground wielding a mop. That’s when he stood on top of her and urinated on her back, according to reports.

She eventually managed to call 911.

When deputies arrived, the child’s mother admitted that there was an argument but didn’t believe anything inappropriate occurred, citing her mother and son “just don’t click anymore.” She added that parenting “was a burden in general.”

The child is now in custody of a family member who does not live in the home.

Clearly, what is the world coming to?  See when I was  little, I didn’t dare to look at my elders with the side eye. His mama needs to be checked.  This little boy is very angry and needs to see my therapist.  This is why it does take a village to raise a child.  What do you all think about this?

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13 responses to “5 Year Old Boy Abuses Grandma”

  1. Eeeyea.. says:

    OmG!! There is too much to be said about this…wow.

  2. NAZ says:

    thats sad, shame on the mom of the kid.

    ps. love your site

  3. missthang84 says:

    i can hear in that little boy’s voice,”b….,i said hand over that social security check,i want to go buy some skittles.”what good is it to lock up the mother if she’s truly handicapped. what they have on their hands is the bad seed…”you better give me those shoes,Leroy.”better drop that little sucker off and juvenille detention and keep it moving

  4. ITS ME says:

    Give me this lil bitch for 30 minutes I betcha he would never hit anybody else, and that dumb ass momma of his I would fuck that bitch up too. that hoe ain’t mentally handicapped she had enough “capped” to have that lil SOB

  5. Tanisha says:

    I digress…. I had to forget that this wasn’t a child that I know. Please understand, if ANY child around me did something like this….the story would have been edited to say…” And a neighbor happened to be walking by when the incident was occuring. She karate chopped the 5 year old in his throat, picked him up by his neck, and proceeded to dispose of the child in the trash can. Afterward, the neighbor beat the shit out of the 5 year olds mom and proceeded to put her in the trash as well. After helping the grandmother get to her feet; the neighbor calmly waited for the police.”

  6. Gina says:

    I didn’t realize that a 5 year old can be this strong. This is still the baby phase and couldn’t picture any 5 year old being this violent. They may as well lock him up now, he is headed straight to prison.

  7. Lady A says:

    Sorry to say it but that baby been beating grandma for years. This is just the first time he just lost control. No 5 yr old just snaps like that over night. And to keep attacking her like that. Grandma said something to make him snap. It was by no means right for him to attack her at all but hey I used to work in daycare and no kid snapps like that. And I have worked with all kinds of crazy kids.

  8. STEPH says:

    It’s called BEAT THAT ASS! Some children really need it and he is one of them.

  9. Brittany says:

    lmao @ itsme , i swear i wouldnt have sympathy for him either , that is so sad . . .

  10. Surprise says:

    LMAO with tears in my eyes @Tanisha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Helen brown says:

    I would have mine own child whoop mine ass I be killing his ass this bad as boy is is terrable and it’s sad I put him away for life that’s the case that’s fucked up he needs D C F S somebody needs to call.

  12. sarah says:

    Her “grandbaby” is a future Jeffrey Dahmer. They need to lock his little ass up in an asylum.

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