50 Cent Blames Album Delay On Staffing Changes At Interscope



The big homie 50 Cent is blaming the delay of his fifth album “Street King Immortal” on changes at his record label and nothing else.

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“Street King Immortal” was scheduled to hit stores last year, but has been pushed back several times. 50 Cent told MTV News that the many staffing changes at Interscope Records have led to the record’s postponement. He says there have been many different people “moving in and moving out,” and that he’ll wait until everyone gets settled to move forward with the album. Fifty doesn’t seem to mind the delay and isn’t in a rush to put out a new record. He explains that he wants the record to “be right,” adding that he’s “not doing it without a plan.” While 50 Cent hasn’t settled on a release date for “Street King Immortal,” it is expected to arrive later this year.

Fifty Cent was recently charged with domestic violence and vandalism for an alleged altercation with a former girlfriend. He’s also been in the news for some outrageous text messages between his son. He also was uninvited to the Major League Baseball All-Star game because of his domestic issues.

Sounds like the big homie needs to focus on his home life and that might be the real reason why the album is being pushed back. We can’t wait to hear “Street King Immortal” and we hope things settle down on the home front.

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