50 Cent Doesn’t Like Diddy Comparing Rick Ross To Biggie


diddy 50

Of course it is a well known fact that Diddy and Officer Ross have been around each other a lot lately. If you didn’t know, Diddy has taken over management of Officer Ricky Ross’ career. Some people say that Diddy has been comparing Officer Ross to Biggie. Do you all think these two can even be compared to each other? Listen to the audio interview and here 50’s thoughts. – Courtney L.


  1. too bad i can’t hear the audio..you can’t really compared someone to someone on some level they similar becasue once you start listening to them you’ll be able to hear the differences, i believe rick ross can become a phinomenal artist if managed right. if sum1 is telling me that rick ross is not good you are in denial right now..

  2. no you cant compare the two to each other imo. the only thing that can be compared about these two is their stomach size and that’s not even close b/c big was way bigger.


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