50 Cent Talks About Beef with Jay Z & Rick Ross “I get really disrespectful…”, But Is 50 Still Relevant?

I really dont understand why 50 keeps coming at folks like this, but this is a funny guy. Don’t yall think he need to be trying to make friends instead of enemies considering his track record? Well I guess once you take 9 hot pieces of lead all over your body, you tend to talk ish about everyone and everything…whenever you want. One thing I know for sure, 50 doesn’t back down for NOTHIN!

Yall think 50 cent still relevant?


15 responses to “50 Cent Talks About Beef with Jay Z & Rick Ross “I get really disrespectful…”, But Is 50 Still Relevant?”



  2. X,Y,"and Z" says:

    ….^^^But THAT makes NO-sense! If THAT were the case, then why was it that she, Sandra Rose, put out that restraining order on Freddy, what was SHE afraid of? ….And if Sandra Rose is beating Freddy, what is Necole Bitchie doing to Sandra Rose? Womp-Womp!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!!

  3. X,Y,"and Z" says:


    …NO, I gotta disagree with YOU – on this one! Rick Ross is a disgrace, did you hear me? …A DISGRACE! …What can be said bout an art-form that had, at it’s core/essence, “realness/reality,” where you NOW have a Corrections Officer pretending to be Freeway Ricky Ross, and a WHITE rapper – Eminem being Billboard’s “Artist of the Decade?”

    What we are NOW seeing is the “mainstream” taking-over…”YT’s handywork” is what we’re NOW witnessing! …So Corrections Officer Ricky Ross (FAKE) is selling more than 50-Cents!! What MOST, in the rap game, awaits is Dr. Dre’s new album to drop; Fugees reunion?!?! …And yes, it’s been what, over a decade? This just tells you how, “far-the-drop and steep-the-decline,” RAP has made!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  4. Steph says:

    BOOO son…..booo. 1/2 a dollar is no longer relevant., u did Jay-Z numbers in 4 years?? WTF ever

  5. Steph says:

    and i’m not that big of a Jay Z fan, but the rest of the world is………50 has crossed the line on numerous occasions, he should try to focus on putting out GOOD music. and on a sidebar: I enjoy freddyo SOOO much more than sandrarose…..so much more!!!

    @ X, Y “and Z”:
    It’s been a minute homie, havn’t “seen” you since the pleasure p incident….

  6. X,Y,"and Z" says:

    @Steph….And JayZ, is relevant cause HE sells-out and to the Mainstream; that makes HIM “relevant?” IF that’s the case, then Corrections Officer Rick Ross is “relevant!” …And what does HE do? …Go around pretending to be a drug dealer when HE was – IN FACT….a Corrections Officer?

    All the dudes on the corner who can’t get a deal should blame Corrections Officer Rick Ross!!
    Jay Z is a bitch-azz!!! Jay Z is a 40 y/o rapper??? Jay Z had Charlamaignthagod removed from the air, cause he didn’t or COULDN’T take what Bugsy was saying ’bout him – PURE BITCH AZZNESS!!! Jay Z is responsible for CBreezy NOT performing at the BET/MJ Award-Tribute!

    ’50’ was right, all-along, bout Jay Z: he hides behind OTHER-people and WON’T face you HIMSELF, and fight! …Didn’t you notice how HE had NEVER confronted ’50’ on the microphone? …Jay Z is the PUREST FORM of BITCHAZZNESS!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  7. X,Y,"and Z" says:

    @Steph — I’m “out and about!” I support Freddy and Necole Bitchie — LOVES ’em both!!! …As far as Pleasure P, I’m waiting to see what goes down now – I’m SURE the subpoena’s have been sent-out, and the “fur will YET fly!” …But IF we’re gonna give Pleasure P the “side-eye,” then we should ABSOLUTELY have to give Pretty Ricky the “side-eye” also!!

    Once he clears his name, I’ll support HIS music!
    Hey, I gotta run! Keep on supporting Freddy and NecoleBitchie!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!!

  8. X,Y,"and Z" says:

    @Steph — You need to come ’round more often, I’m here ALL the time! …If I didn’t know any better, Steph, I’d think you’re trying me…let’s NOT do something stupid, K? …You’re Labia’s showing….

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!!

  9. Scorpion says:

    Is this a serious question? 50 is still very relevant. Despite what people say he is still a very smart businessman and his business keeps growing, which means that he is still relevant.

  10. norealnessinrealityshows says:

    what has this issue about 5o had to do with sandrarose and freddyo beef some pple need to get a life

  11. MZOJUMU says:

    It’s not about how much money 50 makes, it’s about his disrespect to other artist…there is no need to be using ppl babies, and baby mamas to get his point across…Its enough when you dont like someone that’s cool but to throw in family is just plain weak…50 is very weak when you have to use kids especially the seed of your enemy to get at the enemy, why cant 50 man up and deal with his enemy direct. He is a coward and only cowards create such foolish acts. So to me 50 is making his self look stupid cause he has all this beef with ppl and the reasons are very 3rd gradish…grow up and do you instead of defaming yourself and making yourself look stupid. God gave you a second chance at life and this is how you repay him…wow i really love your contribution back to God…Be a man and do what a man will do and that is let things roll off your shoulder…

  12. Go getta says:

    Bmore fucks wit 50 all day..Tupac rip..we need niggas to point out the bitch niggas ..thats how we do…boooom booom nigga

  13. Ridingfinest says:

    50 is straight trash…as a man how dare you put a child a male child at that against his father. 50 doesn’t care about the problem he has created for the future with Rick and his son. 50 wasn’t there when the two of them made that boy why is he in the middle now…..oh because some bird as bitch looking to make a name for herself instead of worrying about whats the best intrest of her child. If I was Rick Ross I’ll make a trust for my son until he’s 18 yrs old and tell his baby momma go suck a fart out my azz.. Tell 50 to support your azz. As for 50 coming at Jay that’s a joke. The status Jay holds right now why would he need to respond to 50, 50 didn’t make him 50 wants to be where Jay is right now on top. @ Freddo keep doing what you do respect yourself and others and you’ll be good.

  14. G G G G G-UNIT!!! says:

    I think 50 is still relevant…cuz even though BISD didn’t sell dat well..it was mainly for his fans…n it ws another classic 4 real….no pop songs like BP3…jus 2 features…and da shit got leaked a whole month before it’s actual release date…but yh….50 can come back HARD….n I heard his new album will be a bit mainstream…but looks like every1 cares sooooo much about numbers…so if 50 n Justin do another collab…u know dat da numbers of dat album wlll blow off da fukin roof of every mothafukas house lol….n STFU about 50 being a ‘coward’ loool…havent’ u heard of ‘BACK DOWN’??? lol…….n ‘GO GETTA’ I can only cosign wit u 4 real homie…if Pac was alive…I’m 100% sure that Ross wouldn’t be a rapper….matter of fact he would be still a correctional officer

  15. Leotheboss says:

    50 is trash im surprise he sold that much with his one dimension style he can neva neva fuck w jigga no matter how much he sales and believe me his done. oh and rick ross still gonna eat wait for the teflon don we the best ain’t going no where baby jigga said it best forever young 50 dont know nothing about that,holla.

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