9 Year Old Boy Joshua Smith Sells Popcorn To Help Get Detroit Out Of Debt


I was on Facebook and saw this touching story that my cousin posted on her Facebook wall. She always tells me about how I need to post more news that really matter’s, so once I saw and read the story, I knew it was important to make sure we support people who do selfless act’s.  Detroit is at least $100 million in debt yes people that’s right $100 Million, but that hasn’t discouraged 9-year-old Joshua Smith (pictured above with HOT 107.5′s Paigion) from setting up a lemonade and popcorn stand in front of his home to help the city out of its financial crisis, the Detroit Free Press reports. Just so yall know I told yall about Paigion a few months ago, she’s working hard to be picked by BET to be one of the new host for 106 N Park (I think she would do a great job).

The boy–or perhaps, young philanthropist in the making–was on his way to piano lessons one day when he noticed that the grass at the parks near his home was as tall he is (Joshua stands nearly 5-feet). He also observed that water fountains were broken. After some thinking, Joshua told his parents that he wanted to open a lemonade stand to help Detroit take care of itself.

Flynn and Rhonda Smith, his parents, were impressed with their son’s audacious plan.


“I’m really proud of him; he wasn’t asking how can he make money to buy himself something. My wife and I were talking about this earlier — neither of us ever thought to do anything like this when we were kids,”


Flynn Smith, a high school math teacher and associate pastor told the Free Press.

What he and his wife did not tell their young, ambitious son is that his efforts would have virtually no financial impact on the city’s debt.

WATCH Joshua Talk About His Plans To Help Detroit With Its Finances… And make sure yall support his movement…

With a nearly $100 investment in food, Joshua’s parents helped their son pop the popcorn, expand the menu and and pass out flyers advertising the stand. WOW I love parents that help their kids follow their dreams.

The flyer says: “May you please help the City of Detroit. Please buy this popcorn and drinks. It’s not so expensive. I didn’t make it expensive so you would have to spend all your money. The money will help clean up trash on the ground and cut the grass in the parks.”

From 5-8 p.m. each day, Monday through Friday, Joshua can be seen selling fruit punch (which he says is organic), water and popcorn (which he says is seasoned with sea salt) in front of his home.

Word of the boy’s efforts spread quickly and neighbors quickly dropped by to purchase popcorn and lemonade.

How To Help!

Joshua Smith’s Lemonade Stand is being held 5-8 p.m. daily through Friday. Find it at 4252 Leslie, Detroit 48238.

PayPal donations accepted via www.musingsofastrongblack woman.com. For info, call 313-715-5510 or e-mail rhondajsmith@rhondajsmith.com

Spotted @ NewsOne.com. Interview by Paigion of HOT 107.5. Photos and Video by @ItsYaGirlAC of HotHipHopDetroit.com


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