90′s R&B Group EnVogue Twitter Fight, Group Breaking Up Once Again

Sad news one of the 90′s top female R&B groups “EnVogue” have been confirmed to have broken up once again… Just so yall know the group has won more MTV Video Music Awards than any other female group in MTV history, a total of seven, along with four Soul Train Awards, six American Music Awards, and seven Grammy nominations. According to Billboard Magazine they were the 18th most successful act of the 1990s, and one of the most popular and successful female groups of all time. I just hate that these old groups can’t ever get their act’s together, its about the music not the attitude. $$$ Dawn Robinson from EnVogue announced via Twitter that she and Maxine Jones were leaving the group and that the two will be rehearsing for a tour of their own.

Dawn’s shocking Twitter outburst prompted a response from original members Cindy Herron and Terry Ellis people sending me this email for all the EnVogue fans …

“Dear EnVogue fans,

In regards to the recent twitter and face book posts alleging that Terry and Cindy have replaced Maxine Jones with Rhona, we would like to respond. Terry and Cindy are not replacing Maxine Jones. We have however asked Rhona to fill in temporarily so that we can continue to bring live shows to our fans. Thus far, Rhona has only done three shows with us since June 2012. The group has always added someone whenever a member has been unable or unwilling to perform or has left the group. Terry and I have not kicked Maxine out of the group. There are always two sides to a story and many internal facts that you the fans aren’t hearing about. In an effort to not air dirty laundry, or appear to point the finger at anyone, we respectfully choose to remain silent on the internal issues. We appreciate you the fans continuing to support Envogue individually, and as a whole.

Thank you,

Cindy and Terry

The two will be replaced with the former replacements… Sounds like a Vogel Fight to me? What you think?

Dawn Robinson love to keep it real with the fans and gave us a better understanding about all the real drama with the group, check out part of her interview with ESSENCE.


ESSENCE reports The youngest foxy brown of the early 90’s female glam quartet En Vogue, but she quickly became known as the rebel diva when things began to fall apart with the songbirds.


After leaving the group and becoming the frontwoman for the R&B trio Lucy Pearl, Robinson has kept a low profile until the group’s recent reunion.


The sultry siren took the time out to set the record straight with ESSENCE.com about the drama behind EV and Lucy Pearl, why she’s not a bitter woman and what really happened between her and her husband.

ESSENCE.COM: So how does it feel to be back with En Vogue?
DAWN ROBINSON: It feels like home; the family you haven’t seen in a while. One of the things I missed was that we laughed a lot. Terrie really missed her calling as a comedian; she’s so funny. I love people that can laugh at themselves. We have our audience and they held a torch for us.

ESSENCE.COM: When did that torch’s fame go out for the group?
ROBINSON: We were doing the lion’s share of the work but we were making the least. I started seeing it earlier when you get into the industry you come in after having a degree in accounting. You get caught up before you truly [understand] that contract and know what questions to ask. All of those contracts are written in Old English and you’re like, Huh? Nobody talks like that. We had legal counsel but if you still don’t understand because it’s not broken down in layman terms for you it’s difficult to know the right questions to ask.

ESSENCE.COM: So because you spoke up you were deemed a problem?
ROBINSON: The misconception about me is that I am difficult, a problem, a b—-. But when people try to take your hard-earned money and you stand up for it this is what happens when you’re a woman. If I was a man I wouldn’t be accused of such things. I’m glad I stood up. I was just trying to see what was going on with us financially because it wasn’t making sense and I realized after meeting with another lawyer that there were so many things in there that weren’t in our favor.

ESSENCE.COM: It’s hard to imagine with the group’s crossover success that you all were not given a better deal.
ROBINSON: We started opening our eyes and were like, we need to rectify this. It was just frustrating because most artists, once they start to have a certain amount of success, they throw out that [first] contract and start over with a new one, but we never renegotiated. There was a little fear that came in like any job when there’s a union standing behind you. I didn’t have that and the ladies realized later that I was just trying to stand up and look out for the group. The ladies know and we’ve all atoned and they’ve apologized to me in certain ways. I wouldn’t want to change anything because En Vogue and Lucy Pearl helped me to grow.

ESSENCE.COM: Now that you’ve reunited with En Vogue, any chance of a Lucy Pearl reunion?
ROBINSON: Lucy Pearl is one of my favorite groups. I loved the creation me and Raphael had together since we were kids, creating this whole sound and how we came up with the idea of Lucy Pearl, because it was our idea as opposed to En Vogue, which was put together. I had a deal on the table with RCA, who had Tyrese and Coko signed to solo deals at the time, but I chose to do another group because I believed it was the smartest idea–three super artists to make one super group–and to be able to bring the knowledge I [acquired] was going to make it a stronger situation. Plus, the album was insane. I tried to talk to him about a reunion, but Ali had a lawsuit against him because he felt like he did him wrong because we found out later that Raphael had made side deals. I believe there’s strength in numbers not to get money but when God puts something together this great you don’t walk away from it, you work it out. But his ego got in the way. I was really sad that it was only a one-off. We decided that we wouldn’t commit to a long-term situation unless album sales made sense. So we just disbanded, but they have to have a scapegoat so they are going to blame Dawn and say I’m the difficult one.

Read the rest of the interview {HERE}

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