A 4 Year Old Boy Shoots His 2 Year Old Cousin



Relatives and neighbors of two young cousins — 4 and 2 — shook their heads in disbelief outside a Detroit townhouse Friday, trying to make sense of how a 4-year-old boy got his hands on a .22 caliber gun and allegedly shot his 2-year-old female cousin in the head. Jesus, please help us.


  1. my heart hurt when i hear things like this my prayers are with this family and hoping she pulls through

  2. omg this is really sad my heart felt feelings go out the lil boy and girl i hope they both make it through this as for the parents why in the hell would you have a gun unsecured and in childs reach in your home wake up people there kids thats what they do they get into thangs….. lock it up!!!!

  3. That is sad many parents are always away or in another room when this stuff happens I hope both of them are safe and why do you leave the gun laying around especially with little kids around lock it up or get rid of it.


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