A-TOWN STOMP!! Girls Go WWF At Atlanta Mall During A Fight…Chairs And All!!

I haven’t seen anyone get JUMPED since high school…especially a female…this is truly sad. It’s like a pack of wild animals. And I am quite sure homegirl is going to need some medical attention for all them metal CHAIR blows she caught cross her DOME!!

10 responses to “A-TOWN STOMP!! Girls Go WWF At Atlanta Mall During A Fight…Chairs And All!!”

  1. PiNK PiStolS says:

    DEEEEmmmm!!!!…. Theese bythchess is crazy as fuccck my god… Somebody need to call thee damm copsss. LAo

  2. PRETTYLADY says:

    It is really heart beaking to see our young people ( black ) actting like wild animals , I dont think they really think about the consequences of their actions. People need to wake up and have dreams & goals for their lives and not use excuses for everything. I dont have a father, my mom is on drugs, we dont have a lot of money. That should motivate you to do better not follow the same road. Create a better life for you and your family.

  3. comptroller5140 says:

    that crap is crazy instead of them fighting they need to have the behind in class some where trying to get a education instead of acting like wild animals in the jungle somewhere someone needs to identify each and everyone one of there sorry behind and knock some S**t into them .

  4. Frisco415 says:

    WOW. Is that how they are getting down in the ATL, shameless. They should be ashamed of themselves behaving like that in public. Definitely giving Black people a bad look, not cool at all. They all look under 18, where are their parents??? They need to whip out a can of Whipp Ass.

  5. dat htown chick says:

    OMG! Where are they parents while they are acting like a pack of wild dogs? Dats why I don’t deal with ghetto hoes at all riding or walking, embarrassing as hell. I finally got my 19 yr old sister to move out of the bricks get a job and car and take care of her business. Cause dis is not the business and IT AINT CUTE A DAMN DISGRACE.

  6. urntrdy says:

    crazy crazy world…

  7. Trisha says:

    This is why I don’t go to Underground Atlanta. People were acting like wild dogs and no one was there to stop them.

  8. DizzyGuy1985 says:

    Why are kids so damn angry? I never fought like that in highschool. I think this all has to do with the crack epidemic. Parents have been producing kids with ADD and other types of disorders for years and now its all catching up to them. Its a shame. I’m being serious though. For some kids I think this is what happens to them.

  9. Crystal says:

    And we wonder y white ppl give us a bad name.. this is sad and a mess. and where the hell is security?

  10. polobear1975 says:

    Am I the only one who is more upset at the sheer ignorance of the comments on here than the actual video? The most damning thing about this entire post is that all of the comments thus far are nearly as stereotypically “ghetto” and uninformed as the subjects in the video. That’s what happens when “ghetto” judges “”ghetto.” I can’t speak for most but I have a hard time accepting/believing anyone who posts things like:

    “DEEEEmmmm!!!!…. Theese bythchess is crazy as fuccck my god,”

    “I think this all has to do w/ the crack epidemic (WTF?!?!?!),”

    “Where are THEY parents,”

    and, “Dats why I don’t deal with ghetto hoes at all riding or walking.”

    People who spoke to me like that couldn’t tell me (OR these girls, for that matter) to go back to school…

    Get your grammar together (a period or comma wouldn’t hurt. If I were reading out loud, I’d run out of breath on some of these comments waiting for a break). These girls sound like they could have written most of the comments on here.

    Set a better example and maybe one or more of these girls will see THAT and choose to emulate positive behaviors instead of going to the Underground doing what you used to do.

    (The worst part is that most of the people who will read this comment will flash to one of three conclusions: 1) He must be white, 2) He must THINK he’s white, or 3) He must think he’s better. I wonder who’s initial thought is going to be “Hey, that sounds like an educated black man who knows how to LEAD BY EXAMPLE. We need more of those?”)

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