A Woman’s Side: Aubrey O’Day, D. Woods Respond To Slim Thug

Since Slim Thug made the statement “Black women need to stand by their man” and a host of other comments that now has his foot in his mouth, everybody is sounding off. We posted the comments from an educated black man’s point of view on Freddyo.com on Wednesday in response to Slim Thug, now Aubrey from Dannity Kane has sounded off. According to Vibe.com, this young lady has a lot to say on the issue. Please, let us know what you think, because this is another hit in the jaw for Slim Thugger. Yeah, this story is FAR from over. Ladies sound off…

Please. Drop the delusions of grandeur, gents. We see right through you! This paper-thin layer of unjustifiable ‘swagger’ and pseudo-confidence is simply masquerading the vulnerability and self-doubt of the modern day man. The subtext is clear… spineless men of all creeds are waving the proverbial white flag of defeat. Unable to cope with the demands of a new class of empowered, strong-willed and fiercely independent women, they’ve resorted to projecting their insecurities on those that, god forbid, expect them to live up to their potential.

Let’s be clear. This is not a race issue. It’s yet another twist on the age-old enigma that is gender relationships. Despite what you may have read, I’m a White girl that couldn’t cook to save her life, treats no man like a king and certainly doesn’t obey dictatorial male ego, even if it means my job… but I certainly can cater to deserving men who are secure enough to take on the challenge of a strong woman. We can be loud, opinionated, and rebellious, and we make no apologies for it. It’s not a Black thing, or a White thing. It’s a women thing, and trust me when I say that the sooner you men come to realize it, the better off you’ll be.

Hollow diatribes like this, reeking of machismo and senseless boasting, are nothing new. Just a transparent attempt to silence the collective female voice. It’s telling that what the author likes best about his Ivy League educated girlfriend is that she “do all the shit that I say.” She’s apparently a “smart girl, too,” but no surprise that that he ranks that trait a distant second behind obedience.

And, sidebar… What’s it mean to “stand by your man”? As far as I’ve witnessed from thinkers such as this, its simply code for wanting their women to sit idly by as they lie and cheat their way through the relationship. Please me, but don’t bitch when I’m pleasing your sister and best friend, or blatantly lying to your face about the weekend’s captivating conquests! I suppose it’s our fault for not ‘standing by you’? Forgiveness is one thing. Asking women to turn a blind eye, and “bow down,” is quite another.

No woman wants to be a man’s pawn. Relationships are meant to be a joint venture, not a form of employment if only fitting the appropriate ‘wifey’ credentials. I’d shudder to think that all men harbor the views championed by the Thug named Slim. I’m waiting for a knight in shining armor to prove me wrong, but after reading an article like this… once again, I won’t hold my breath.

20 responses to “A Woman’s Side: Aubrey O’Day, D. Woods Respond To Slim Thug”

  1. essmas says:

    yes!! good 2 see women speakin out about this. definitely a lot more responses comin

  2. dee says:

    WOW….that’s the words I could not find when I first heard the Slim Thug comment about black women…my comments were more like GTFOH niggah with that slave – master mentality bullshit asswipe!

  3. Courtney L. says:

    Dee, it is nice to see a woman of a different race voicing her opinion

  4. SexyMOM says:

    LOVE IT! Wow, this was very reviving to read………to me he’s a womenizer!

    When I read his article my mouth dropped–(LOL)!

    I’m a very strong Black Women with a decent professional JOB! Actually, I make more than my husband but I don’t throw that up in his face…..we both pay bills, cook and clean house, take care of children etc……..the same! I got his back just as well as he’s got mine. In every relationship there will be UPS&DOWN and it doesn’t matter if you’re married to a White Man/Women or Black Man/Women….

    From what I know most of us women are VERY STRONG and HOLD DOWN THE FORT whethe she’s white, black or chinese….In 2010 Us women are the ROCKS in our household/families…We hold it down….

  5. Kesh says:

    Damn right we hold it down….Folks like him will be 50 and sad

  6. jojo says:

    Slim, Grow-up. Life is not about the skin color, it is the person.

  7. Thello says:

    Lmao! Aubrey is a hot mess! Don’t know her personally but it’s funny how these chicks due nude spreads and back shots then they get sentimental and want to blog about Black Men and shit Granted, Slim Thugg probably has dated nothing but skeezers since that R&B chick that he messed up with, but Aubrey, “Child Please”!

  8. Lady A says:


  9. LAYLA says:

    Ok, who is this chick’s ghost writer??? I know she did not write this, but I do like what was said.

  10. likeCAESAR says:

    Aubrey comes from a well-off family and I’m sure she got the best education that money can buy. I doubt she has a ghost writer…

  11. Jay says:

    I will not say I agree with Slim Thug’s views but I will say this; I reside in Houston, TX and I’ve seen those kind of women in the clubs acting like their above everyone else b/c they have this that and the thrid. I had a friend of mine tell me that her friend wasn’t interested in me b/c I didn’t have the finances her ex had. So I wouldn’t be able to do what he did for her (LOL). So, for that example Slim Thug has a point. But I know all women are not like that. But I also want to say this, a woman is the true spirit that holds a family together. Women of today have nothing on women of yesterday. The women of yesterday had so little to work with and did a hell of lot more than the women of today. The women of yesterday did not have voting rights, jobs, say so, big cars, high paying jobs, big offices, they were abused physically and mentally but made damn sure their household was clean, the children were fed, and their husband was fed. Women of today don’t even cook…and thats with the big offices, high paying jobs, education, voting rights, etc. Its like the women of yesterday went throguh all that for what?

  12. Ms. Texas says:

    Jay I do not think your point is valid. Women have been through hell and back for equal rights and I will be damned if i sit at home barefoot and pregnant knowing what people have sacrificed for me to have the opportunities I have. Women of yesterday fought for me to have a choice of whether I want to be a homemaker or have a job. I choose to do both. And sense I got it like that, I know I will one day be a loving, caring attentive mother and have a career.

  13. Average Joe AKA TheBlackMan says:

    Aubrey, no matter what kind of education you may have, you will never understand the relations between a black man and a black women. Italian women stand by there men, Asian women stand by there men, even hispanic women stand by there men, whats so wrong with a brother asking for support, when obviously this is the prime factor in plan to progress as a people.
    Yes I expect women to rally together and take this statement out of context, because that is a woman’s nature (yes people, its called feminine characteristics………as well as there are male characteristics).
    But its almost like some white folks want us to stop acknowledging our Blackness, or maybe because we have a black president that we’ve somehow arrived as a people. No! we have a long way to go, and the only way to get there is if the black man and the black woman stop bumping heads with each other. So for you it may be about gender relations, but some of us out here are still being affected by race relations.
    When Black men become financially secure and go off and get with a white women, its ok to say…….”Black men need to stand by there women” but when a black man says the same, you’d think he asked her to stand BEHIND him, and not BY him. All we’re asking for is what every other race has….(A strong support system at home) The Black man is certainly not the only one being discriminated against, but it seems like we’re the only ones that also come home to a battle.
    What do you expect when a big percentage of black women leave ample room for a woman of another race to treat and appreciate a Black man like he’s never been before. (Which is what Slim is probably going through right now). I mean if these women of other races are wiling to go the extra mile when a black woman won’t; I think its only right to ask the Black woman to show some love (more love).
    Women are gonna be women and I guess oversensitivity is a part of it all, but your condescending attitude through out this article; and manipulating technique in the 4th paragraph is a prime example of why its not always your woman thats the problem ……but its that Bitch she calls a friend, thats always in her ear.

  14. Rubybaby says:


  15. Ms.Texas says:

    @Average Joe AKA TheBlackMan

    We will never grow has a people! If men like you continue to think like this…smh! If we are not standing behind our men then ,what the hell are we doing? Cooking,cleaning,working,taking care of your kids and mch more! The same as non black women are doing!

  16. YEP says:

    @ Average Joe—Men like you kill me. You want to be trated like a king but I bet your ass don’t make enough to allow your woman to sit at home and cook and clean and take care of the kids. THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE. If some of these sorry black men would get off their ass and get a job instead of playing play station WE BLACK WOMEN would be able to cook you breakfast before you go to work, have the house clean and drop the kids off, come home and cook dinner and run your bath water. But how is that possible when we have to work 40 hours a week just like you??! You want a super woman and I for one refuse to be a slave. Hell I like to rest too. Basicially you need to grow up and learn that a relationship should be two people with equal respect and love for one another. And not a wooman slaving to keep her man happy while he is not deserving.

  17. Tanisha says:

    Yep, I commented just because of your statement. I am a strong BLACK woman and used to do all of that for my man, come home from working 8 hours, take care of house and cook (when he was working or not)………Guess what….he still cheated… So, MEN and WOMEN will do what they want, regardless of what you do. So all that if he/she took care of home crap is for the birds….The state pays me very well to work for them and be on call…..when A Man that wants all that can afford me like the state……..

    Enough said!!

  18. Dana Dash says:

    see i can tell you guys missed the point what da nigga meant by “stand by your man” is you are not a man shorty forget how you feel that man was raised to see himself as a king if his parents did a halfway job anyway and if they didn’t he’s damaged and you need to move on. like i was saying if you are the king the queen follows period. she doesn’t actively impede his progress she doesn’t act shitty every time a nigga get a lil light she doesn’t call the police she shuts the fukkk up when asked so its never demanded and in reality she controls her man because a man needs a woman but lil boys and girls need their parents so if you out here bieng that lil nigga mama don’t blame a real man just get you one

  19. likeCaesar says:

    If we look at statistics and take the emotion factor out of the equation…it would seem that black men are the ones that need to stand by their women. Stop making them into baby mamas and be a man and marry her. Get a job. Stop smoking weed all day. Stop treating “your boys” better than you treat your girl. Take her out. Make her feel like a queen. Spend time with your kids. PAY CHILD SUPPORT. Stop supporting thug culture. Read a book every once in a while. Tuck your children in at night. Stop whooping them everytime they do something wrong and try actually parenting which involves compassion, empathy, and guidance. Stop reinforcing this faux masculine image with your male children, because it only perpetuates the “down low” epidemic. Learn how to fix some shit around the house…and teach your child those things. Be a man…most of my fellow “black men” these days behave more like BOYS!

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