Adam “Pacman” Jones Wants To Play Football Again


“Pacman” has not played football in 2 years since he was released from the Dallas Cowboys after the 2008 season.  He wants to get back on the field and get paid. I guess the homies in the hood aren’t worth it? It takes time for many people to see.  Earlier this year, he worked out for Cincinnati, but the team didn’t offer him anything, He later sent a text to Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz to remind him that, you know, he wants to play football.

“I texted him and just told him that I’m still available, I like what they did in the draft,” Jones told the Tennessean. “It was just a simple text message. And he was like, ‘Thanks. Keep your head up and keep the faith.’ We left it at that. I would just love to play football, period. But I think Detroit would be a great fit.”

Pacman ‘s  history of partying has caught up with him too many times. 1 time is okay, 2 times  is okay, but he has a lot of the incidents he’s been involved in, from assault and vandalism to obstruction of justice, happened around nightclubs. So much so that he was suspended for the entire 2007 season for his off-the-field antics. But now, Pacman is saying those days are behind him.  Do ya’ll think he is forreal?

“My whole message is, I know about my past,” Jones said. “I’m not really here to talk about my past. I’ve made some dumb decisions in the past, but I’ve grown from that. I’m focused as a person. You ain’t got to worry about no phone calls at 3, 4 in the morning. I’m here to play football. I was a kid straight out of college. Partying was what I liked to do back then. I’m pretty much partied out now.” Pacman, I just like to say that it is great that you have grown, but you still have to face the odds against you. I suggest you start by doing community service to restore a positive “street cred” that really matters. Maybe you should try to get a reality show like everyone else.   Staying out of trouble should not be rewarded it is expected of you. -Courtney L.

5 responses to “Adam “Pacman” Jones Wants To Play Football Again”

  1. prettyfaceAKA says:

    He miss that money…

  2. dat htown chick says:

    Everybody makes mistakes over and over. Each one of us at some point and time has promised God 50 times over that if he gets us out of this trouble we’ll neva do it again. Maybe this time with no money comin in dem niggas in d street still n d street maybe he sees that it wasn’t worth it he’s ready to change his life. I think he deserves another chance.

  3. jason says:

    i never understood why athletes try so hard to be thugs so not cool

  4. cp says:

    thats exactly why we shouldnt expect anything. Expectations can make things/people miserable. I suggest to have faith and ask for guidance. Keep pushing and show your about what your talking! Shit, what else can you do?? feel me?

  5. Courtney L. says:

    CP, you are right….

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