Adult Entertainers Mr. Marcus, Mandingo, & India, Party It Up Vice NightClub



Mr.Marcus, Mandingo, and India, shut Vice NightClub Down. Last night I had the opportunity to meet  3 Of the Top Adult Entertainers. You Guys Might Know Them From Various “Booty Talks 1-433”  and the Gang-bang movies or at least I do — but after chopping it up, I have discovered these adult entertainers have other things in the works. Mr. Marcus currently has a book on the way ,”The P*rn Star Guide To Great Sex” where he will be giving us tips to better sex. Other attendants at Vice included the homies Shanell with the Girls Club, Jazze-Pha,and Dallas Austin. Shout out to Plush Blue Entertainment they always throw the best parties…


  1. Look at Mr. Marcus old a$$! His thing ain’t even all that big and he got the nerve to come out with a book. It won’t be a best seller like Karrine’s. lol! And who is India? Is she the next Pinky? And Mandingo is ugly. I don’t care how big his thing is.


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