African-Americans Urged To Fill Out Census P.S. They Calling Blacks “Negro” People Wake Up



People we need to wake up. The NAACP is helping to get the word out about the census. In Florida on Wednesday, NAACP members joined state Governor Charlie Crist at news conference to remind Floridians to fill out the forms. Historically, minority residents participate in the census in lower percentages than whites. The ethnicity question on the census form is a sensitive subject for some African-Americans. One of the boxes is labeled Black/African American/Negro. Florida NAACP President Adora Obi Nweze says the verbiage shouldn’t keep people from filling out the census form. The word “Negro” was added as an option after the 2000 Census, when about 45-thousand people checked the box labeled “other.” The census forms are due to be returned by April 1st. The more people who participate, the more federal money states will receive.


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