AJC Apologizes for Racist Tweet



The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had to publicly apologize for a tweet gone wrong.

Check out the details below.

Racist! Racist! Racist! Well not really but a bad joke can get you in trouble with your job and in life. Someone over at the AJC thought they would be clever and string together a Willie Lynch joke with the GA Lottery. In the dirty, filthy, nasty south tensions still run high and a race joke is never a good idea.

Check it out for yourself below:


We are sure someone thought they were super clever with coming up with this throw back to slavery metaphor and play on words. Unfortunately that person was alone because the AJC instantly deleted the tweet and rendered the following twitter apology:


Let this be a story for all who TWEET, INSTAGRAM, and FACEBOOK think before you press enter.
What do you think about the AJC’s racist tweet?
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