Alicia Keys Buys Eddie Murphy’s NJ Mansion


Alicia Keys and producer/hubby Swizz Beatz just copped a new 25K sq. ft. mansion in New Jersey from Eddie Murphy for almost half of its original price. This gorgeous estate is located in Englewood, NJ lies on approximately five-acres of land which include 7 bedrooms, 9 1/2 bath, a private recording studio, indoor pool, and a bowling alley. With a catchy and luxurious description as above, this house has to be worth over 20 million.

Actually, if Alicia Keys bought Eddie Murphy’s mansion seven years ago, she would have had to pay $30 million for it; however, she was able to take it off the market for an unbelievable $12 million. This does not include the factor that she wants to buy 2 more acres of land that is located behind this estate.

With all this new space, there is plenty of room for little two-year old Eygpt to roam around until his parents decide to include a few more additions to the family. We are also sure that the recording studio will get A LOT of good use, so fans go ahead and get your hopes up for the next two or three albums.


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