Alicia Keys Continues Her Fight Against HIV/AIDS



As another World AIDS Day comes and goes, pop superstar Alicia Keys is reminding everyone that the battle against HIV and AIDS is never ending. Keys has spent several years raising awareness about the disease with her Keep A Child Alive foundation, but notes that the battle is a little more poignant now that she’s a mom.
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Alicia Keys founded Keep A Child Alive along with Leigh Blake. Together, the two have worked hard to not only keep people alive, but to give them the dignity that everyone should enjoy. Keys says she needs very little motivation when it comes to her charity work, noting that getting to see someone return to full health is an incredible feeling.
To help raise money for her Keep A Child Alive foundation, Alicia Keys is one of the many celebrities ending her digital life as part of the new Buy Life campaign. Famous faces like Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and Kim Kardashian are all signing off of websites like Twitter and Facebook until they are bought back to life. The celebrities will refrain from making tweets or status updates until the Buy Life campaign receives one-million-dollars in donations. To make a donation, or to learn more about the Keep A Child Alive foundation, visit or

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