Alicia Keys Says Rumors About Swizz Beatz Cheating Are “Laughable”


Everyone’s been sitting around wondering what Alicia Keys has to say about Swizz cheating with a girl he met at Solange’s birthday party named Chris. Well, Alicia took to her twitter account yesterday and said that the situation is “laughable”. Check out her tweet:

I guess Alicia’s not letting things phase her seeing that today was Swizz Beatz birthday and she also sent out a tweet wishing him a Happy Birthday. My only question is, what does she think now that Chris has come forward and put out a statement acknowledging that all of these things did in fact happen? Do you think that Chris’ prediction that Alicia will come forward and defend her man will be true? Only time will tell in this situation.


  1. Yeesssss!!! I was hoping this was ONLY a rumor. Why are all these negative rumors coming out about almost all of the power black couples?

  2. Well I believe it’s all true about him cheating on Alicia. First how did she get him, well what goes around comes right back around. And of course she is going to say it’s laughable because she is not going to put her real feelings out here. Sorry Alicia your Husband is cheating.

  3. Alicia if you aint getting it from your man I hope you getting it from someone else cause he sure is. Some people just dont want to be in a relationship or dating or married. Get over it and move on. Your man is cheating.

  4. The only ppl that knows what is the TRUTH is A. Keys & Swizz Beatz, like she said it’s LAUGHABLE!!
    I wish them nothing but HAPPINESS but I hope it’s not TRUE!!!!!!!


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