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Alleged Mistress Kola Boof Releases EXPLICIT Statement About DJimon Hounsou And Kimora Lee Simmons

This alleged love triangle between Kimora Lee Simmons, Djimon Hounsou, and Kola Boof has gone a little too far.  You have got to read this statement that she put out!!!!  It is INSANE!!!!  You can see some of the crazy things Kola said below…

As you may know, Kola alleges that she and Djimon have had an intimate relationship for the past four years. This week, Djimon released a statement denying allegations that he even knew who the woman is. He explained:

“It has come to my attention vicious lies and stories are being spread about myself and my family. I do not know, nor have I ever met this person. To that extent any and all claims are totally fabricated and for the press to be spreading these lies is irresponsible on their part. I am a man of integrity and would never betray my wife or my family.”

Meanwhile, in a very explicit and extremely long response, Kola has released a statement. Before we share parts of Kola’s statement, we must note that the 43-year-old Sudanese-Egyptian author and poet, at one point, wrote about being the mistress of Osama Bin Laden in her autobiography “Diary of a Lost Girl.” Last year or so, she also got into a heated twitter exchange with rapper Wale. We thought it appropriate to provide a bit of context. Below, find a few excerpts of her statement, most of it we couldn’t include because of it was quite frankly too much (even for a Friday). On the Sexy Part Of The Bible’s Web site, she wrote:

For four years (starting 3 weeks after Kimora Lee Simmons ‘faux’ West African wedding to actor Djimon Hounsou in the country of Benin)….I took part in an adulterous affair with Ms. Simmons’ man.  I can honestly say that I slept with her husband more than she did the last four years.

It should also be noted that I had a sexual relationship with Mr. Hounsou many, many years prior to the ‘marriage’, before he even knew Ms. Simmons.

Djimon and Kimora of course have never been legally married. His only legal wife is a much older woman named Marie in France.  Marie basically bankrolled him during his youthful model days. Djimon also has an African wife given to him by his tribe in Benin (and a set of children by her).

Today is June 14th, 2012. But a few months ago…my affair with Djimon caused so much strife within their coupling that Djimon Hounsou walked out on Ms. Simmons. (To be fair, financial issues also played a significant role, though I am not privy to information on that.  I just know that Kimora deeply wounded Djimon one day by calling him a ‘broke nigga‘–he told me and my adoptive Black American mother, Claudine Johnson, about it in late January).

I’m not sure what day exactly Djimon walked out for the final time (he had actually stayed gone from home a few times before the walk out)….but I do know that I was overjoyed…and not in the way you are expecting. First of all….after Djimon left Kimora….I made it clear that I would never sleep with him again. Just as you saw published in my interview with the NY DAILY NEWS…I informed him that the only reason I had sex with him was to get revenge on Kimora.  With their breakup, I didn’t (and don’t) want it anymore.

And let me make this perfectly clear—I would never sleep with any other woman’s husband just for recreation. Only Kimora’s. I myself was married for 10 years to an absolutely wonderful man, a Black Man who treated me (and still treats me and our sons) like royalty.  So I identify with the wife’s role just as strongly as Kimora knows the golddigging homewrecker role–don’t forget she’s wrecked many homes in her day.

This affair with Djimon was about revenge for me, Kola.  I liked picturing her face (she looks like that winking snail at Benihana Restaurant) just as Djimon made me climax.  It filled me with such cheer and joy to know that every time she kissed her husband–she would be kissing my privates.  And for four years that’s exactly what Kimora kissed, my privates. But then again, being that Kimora is strongly bisexual…I’m sure that tid-bit isn’t phasing her.

Be aware that despite Russell’s denials (Russell Simmons, her mega-rich slimy turtle without a shell MOGUL ex-husband whose name she still uses instead of Djimon’s)…and despite Kimora’s and Djimon’s denials that they have broken up…let me tell you….they HAVE!!

They are split; kaput; done. It doesn’t matter how many Photo Ops they stage or how many walks to Chuck E. Cheese they take with their children so everyone can photograph them smiling, their marriage is over.

I was Djimon Hounsou’s “hooni-hoosi-hole” for 4 years. His nickname for me was “Tight Stuff.” That is what he affectionately called me. I liked our sexual encounters just as much as he did. Djimon told me that Kimora was not sexually pleasing for him.  He said she had been a real livewire before they got ‘ritually married’, but once they settled intolife at home, she became boring and lazy about pleasing him.

Meanwhile, Kimora and Djimon have lawyered up, in attempt to prevent Kola from speaking.  I don’t think that there anything else she can say after that statement.  Read Kola’s full statement here.

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