Shocking Report : Almost Half Of Americans’ Food Goes Into Trash


Almost half of the food Americans buy ends up in the trash. A new study reveals that about 165-billion-dollars worth of food is tossed every year. Figures from the Natural Resources Defense Council show the practice costs an average family of four more than two-thousand dollars a year.


Grocery stores and restaurants also contribute to the food waste by discarding unsold produce and leftovers from massive portions. The group says 25-million people could be fed every year if Americans would make a 15-percent reduction in the groceries that end up in the garbage can.

Are you wasting Money and food !!!


  1. This isn’t a shocking report. Celebrities make up the bulk of that ratio. Ask any server who works at Katsuya or Mr. Chow how much a rich person spends of appetizers and ends up consuming most of the alchohol and not touching half of their spring rolls. Blame them. All I know is, if I’m going out to Cheesecake Factory, I’m not wasting one cent of my $15.99 plate. @Biggibenzo


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