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OMG: Althea and Joseline get into a Brawl at the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Taping!


Reliable sources say that Althea and Joseline Hernandez got into a brawl at the taping of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show! They were all the way turnt up and stopped taping. The Puerto Rican Princess has serious issues with Benzino’s fiancé Thi Thi. Can’t they all just get along? Will this interfere with the broMANCE between Stevie J and Benzino? So many questions? But let’s get right to it!

Check out the GIRL FIGHT sequence below.

Just when we think all is kinda good some DRAMA pops off that leaves us shaking our heads and wishing for MORE! According to my very reliable source who was in the room it was a REAL FIGHT. I am not talking about wine throwing or popping off at the mouth. There were fists being thrown and word is that Mimi Faust and even Deb Atney had some words and might have been involved. Oh boy I can’t wait to see the antics play out on the TELL O VISION. Mona Scott Young continues to bring us the juicy dramatic reality tv and we appreciate it greatly.

Who do you think won between the BRAWL? I have some ideas but I will keep them to myself.

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