Amanda Bynes DISSES Rihanna on Twitter




Amanda Bynes must have lost her mind for attempting to clown the Twitter Queen Rihanna.

Check it out.


Amanda Bynes broke a girl code by going to Twitter and suggesting Domestic Violence is OK if the girl is ugly.

Amanda tweeted Rihanna:

“@rihanna Chris Brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough.”

Now we all know that Amanda is going to get it.

What was Amanda sniffing, smoking, or shooting when she decided to go after the Twitter Queen?

She also tweeted that Rihanna had to solicit love and that she wants to name her dog Rihanna.

We don’t know what caused her to go off on Twitter but we do know that she quickly deleted the rants. To bad Rihanna got word that her name was in Amanda’s mouth.

We all know that the queen of Twitter assassinates people for sport on Twitter. Check out Rihanna’s response:


Rihanna is so funny! So much shade in 8 words. Sadly Amanda responds back. It’s actually sad to see the homie act out in such a way. Let’s keep her lifted in prayer.

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Source: TMZ.
Photos via: Instagram.


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