Amber Cole’s Father Says “I’m Furious”!


The Amber Cole drama isn’t over yet! Her father has now responded back to the public and he’s furious about the entire situation! In an exclusive interview with a local Baltimore news station, he stated, “They did nothing to protect my daughter and I’m furious. I mean, any parent would be. She was forced to do this. She was bullied, harassed into doing this”. Click inside to see the news clip.

It also turns out that the girl recorded in the viral video isn’t even named Amber Cole. As of now she has transferred from the school that she was attending and sources have also clarified that the building where the video was recorded was not used for instructional purposes.

This situation is crazy! What are your thoughts and opinions on this matter?

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  1. I understamd why he’s mad but he should also be upset with his daughter for partaking in activities like that in public…no one forced her she wanted to do it

  2. There is always a blame game in society. Most parents dont know what their kids do behind their back and i know its hard for him to believe but his daughter did this on her own. and i am glad thats not her real name and she change school but she need a big ass beating for embarrassing her family. sad

  3. She enjoyed it I just want to know if she swallowed. And dad be mad at your self and your daughter is she wants to suck dick in public in front of the camera that’s her prob not to mention what other camera where pointed at her for the building


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