Amber Rose Says F*cK “Vibe Magazine”!!! {Video}


So recently Amber Rose got to grace the cover of Vibe Magazine “Sexy” Edition. She had a sit down interview and somehow vibe managed to twist her words up to make people believe that she still is in love with Kanye West and that no one will ever top his love. She got wind of this interview once it released and went to vent via twitter like most of our beloved celebrities.

“People think me and Kanye are enemies, and we are not enemies. He wants the best for me, still,” she said in the magazine. “Let me say this: I still love Kanye. I will always love him as a person. I will always love him for what he’s done for me. I still always have that soft spot in my heart for him. I am not in love with him. I do not look at him in a sexual way anymore. I’m in love with someone else. I still love him as a person and want him to find happiness like I did. Everyone deserves that.”

“What am I supposed to do? Crawl up in a corner and die ’cause I’m not with Kanye anymore? Am I supposed to go back to the strip club and not take these opportunities that I have?”

Well there you have it! Ms. Rose has officially set the record straight so all the rumors and allegations can now be put to rest because there is nothing there, so she says.


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