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Amber Rose Shows Baby Bump; Wiz Talks Nicki Minaj As ‘American Idol’ Judge

Amber Rose went to twitter yesterday to show off her baby bump. After her and Wiz have officially announced they were having a baby on the red carpet at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards a few weeks ago.Amber always greets her fans as “Rosebuds” and “Rosestuds” every morning. She finally tweeted to introduce her and Wiz’s newest addition their “lil wizbud.”

She must be very baby happy as she also tweeted photos of her as a baby. How cute was little Amber Rose!

The love birds Wiz and Amber are engaged and set to have a little one on the way. Wiz recently was out in New York City as part of the Heineken Red Star Access Tour and told MTV News that  “Sky’s the limit,” when asked for his reaction to the all-but-confirmed buzz over Nicki Minaj as an ‘American Idol‘ judge. He also stated, “I could end up judging ‘America’s Got Talent,’ and I smoke pot, freely.”

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