Amber Rose Joins B.E.T.’s New TV SHow “Master of the Mix”



Wiz Khalifas girlfriend, Amber Rose is  “all on ya tv screen”. She’s been doing interviews, videos, movies and now she’s set to Judge season 2 of B.E.T’s “Master of the Mixer”.BET brings together top notch DJs from across the world to determine who’s number one. Over the course of 10 episodes, DJ Kid Capri, Amber Rose, DJ Vikter Duplaix and host Just Blaze oversee DJ battles to determine the winner of $250,000 and to crown the top DJ as “Master of the Mix”. Season 2 of “Master of the Mix” premieres Saturday November 5  at midnight.

Are you going to watch this show, how do you feel about Amber Rose being the only female Judge, especially when she has no experience?


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  2. Well she ought to know a lil something when she has dated one of hiphop’s top rappers>>>Kanye West>>>Wiz Khalifia. IJS


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