Amy Winehouse To Have A Clothing Line


The late Amy Winehouse will have a clothing line for the Fred Perry Collection. The Fred Perry Collection released this statement on their website,

“After much consideration and with the blessing of Amy’s family, we have decided to release the AW11 Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry Collection. Amy was passionate and dedicated to the collaboration and her signature style is clearly stamped across each piece. In such circumstances, the usual royalties and fees from the collection will be donated to the soon to be established Amy Winehouse Foundation.”

Her father, Mitch Winehouse, has been hard at work since her death to represent Amy well. He has been quoted as saying, “When Fred Perry came to us to ask what we would like to do with the new collection it was natural to continue. Amy loved working on both collections and would want them to be made available”. The clothing line features bowling skirts, straight legged pants, as well as shirts with 50’s styled necks. This will be a great way for fans to remember her especially if they weren’t one of the fortunate ones who received a free clothing item when Mitch Winehouse gave away clothes from her London flat to fans who were still mourning outside. Are you excited about the new fashion line?


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