Angela And Vanessa Simmons Disagree On Who’s The Family Favorite


Beautiful sisters, Angela and Vanessa Simmons, sat down with Anderson Cooper on his new show Anderson and had it out about who’s really the family favorite. On the show, both of the girls discussed how favoritism has affected them. Check inside for the video.

Sibling rivalry is common so it comes as no surprise that the girls responded the way that they did.

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Regardless of who was the favorite of their mother, both have turned out to be successful young women. Have you ever experienced the pros and cons of favoritism?

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  1. Diggy’s always been my favorite since day one and since the first season!!!!!!!! I would just give both of the girls the business. LOL, I just wanna be honest.

  2. I like Ang! She’s more outspoken and not afraid to live a little. Vanessa acts like she’s soooo innocent. Digg was always one of my favs



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