Anita Baker Confirms She Got Into A Fight With Jill Scott


We recently reported that the problem at the backstage of VH1 Divas Celebrate Soul was not caused by Anita Baker and this was claimed by an anonymous commentator on the Internet. Click here to read our story on the Truth About Diva fight between Jill and Anita. Now, the star has confirmed the anonymous spiller that he or she was right indeed.

Check out the screenshots below of Anita’s twitter stream where she explains the whole matter in 11 continuous tweets.


So, that was the long story written by Anita Baker on her twitter. What can we say? We’d like to quote another “Anonymous” comment from the source, Rhymes with Snitch:

These new generation bitches are always disrespecting the veterans. Back in the day, we paid homage and respected our elders and artists that influenced us. Nowadays, we have new artists throwing shade on the people who paved the way for them. In my opinion, Jill Scott is basic as hell, typical soul singer with the weight loss to match. I’m not impressed by her. How the fuck do you tell Anita Baker how to sing her shit? That’s like telling MJ not to do his moonwalk.

What do you think?


  1. I guess Jill fat azz getting beside herself since she lost SOME weight..smh SHUT YOUR AZZ DOWN JILL.. Who checking for you!?!

  2. Anita Baker !!!!!! No one can touch you or your out standing voice inside&outside, dam what those Hating Bitches say, That Man looking Bitch Jill Scott better be glad I wasn’t behind backstage, More Love Anita Baker. Jill scott go right hell bitch. Backup off The Songstress and try to learn something Anita is the

  3. Anita the queen is a woman jill is a girl will never pass anita I would love to bit jill she not on the same level as anita she is one none anita is too much for jill that’s a low shot love you anita


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