Anita Baker Threatened With Jail Time For Not Paying Ex-Husband Royalties!


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A judge has threatened to jail Grammy Award-winning singer Anita Baker if she doesn’t sign documents that could give her ex-husband some of her music royalties.


The singer-songwriter Baker faces jail in a contempt of court hearing in Wayne Circuit Court after refusing to sign documents that could turn some of her music royalties over to her ex-husband. The emotionally drained eight-time Grammy Award winner never read the documents she objected to because she had been crying for two days, her lawyers explained. She was unable to “digest” the documents even when given a chance to read them in court Wednesday.


“I’ve been in the music business more than 20 years. We are talking about a multimillion-dollar business,” said the 52-year-old Grosse Pointe mother of two teen sons”. What yall think should she pay up?


  1. Freddyo this is old news. Friday the judge took the threat of jail time off the table. Please keep your stories updated.

  2. She should have to pay him something. But, those are her sweat and tears on those songs. He should not be able to obtain any royalties. Shame on her ex husband for even considering that. I love anita. Noone has a voice like hers.

  3. This wouldn’t even been news if it was a woman getting half. I believe her husband was also her manager during that time as well. I’m not saying it’s fair but is it ever fair when the woman gets half…hell no.

  4. He needs to sit his ass down somewhere. If he was due royalties, why did he wait so long to take her to court to claim his half? Could it be that his money is dry so he is looking for a quick come up?

  5. @ Layla. He did not take a long time to take her to court. They divorced in 2007 and have been fighting over this matter for a while because she refuses to follow the court orders of her divorce. The judge threatened her with jail because she has had plenty of time to sign the papers that the court ordered her to sign a long time ago. Court cases take a while. SMH at women who think that a woman deserves her loot but the man’s money is “dry” so he is looking or a quick come up. He served as her manager during those years so that is why the courts ruled that he was due this money.

  6. @David as her husband he has reaped the benefits of being her manager and I am sure that he has earned a great salary. I think that he should get half of what she has earned. If it was the other way around I would want her to get half of his money.

  7. I don’t think she should have to give him anything. She has already given him 2 sons and 20 years of marriage, that probably was no picnic. She worked for that money, he ought to have his own. What was he doing while she was writing and touring????


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