Another Day Another Lawsuit Filed Against New Birth


New Birth Missionary Baptist Church is at the epicenter of another lawsuit, this one by  Tama Colson, a former employee who alleges she was the victim of sexual harassment,  sexual discrimination and retaliation. She said this male employee showed his “crowning jewels” to her. But she is a married woman and I wonder what her husband had to say or do?  She stated in the suit that she was employed by the church in August 1998 as an audio engineer and was eventually promoted to duplication manager, overseeing the reproduction of broadcasts of New Birth services. She is seeking 1.9 millz. Bishop Long is not named in the lawsuit. However, I AM NOT GOING TO COMMENT BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING.- WHAT DO YOU THINK?- Another post by Courtney Luv

Source: AJC


  1. she was employed in 1998-? and when did this happend???? and why are you coming out now? SMH… human might judge them now but only GOD will judge Everyone at the END!!!!!!
    this life is only temporarily.

  2. I think people just trying to come up on some money cause why is all this coming out now and not when it happen as soon as somebody cross me im suing on the spot or at least put that person on blast right then and there and they will think twice about doing that shit to someone else


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