Anti-Military Song Will Not Be On Soulja Boy’s Album + Military Boycotts Soulja Boy


A representative for Soulja Boy’s management team told TMZ that Soulja Boy’s management and record label have been working to take the video for “Let’s Be Real” off the internet. In the video, Soulja Boy says, “F*** the FBI and F*** all the army troops,” (see here) and he’s come under major backlash from the United States Armed Forces and veterans alike (see Soulja Boy apologizes here).

The song will not be on the album at all and was even approved for the new album, “Respect My Hustle.” The rep also says the song will not be available to purchase at all and that Soulja Boy is willing to do free shows and meet-and-greets for the military. It looks like Soulja Boy stepped right in it.

He’s also being boycotted by the military. All 3,100 military stores and facilities of the U.S. Army and Air Exchange Service will not carry the new album.

What do you think of it all? Will Soulja Boy’s apology and the fact that the song is not on the album stop the ban?



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