Anti-Rape Association Upset With Rihanna Over New Video “We Found Love”


Rihanna’s new name should be controversy. Ri-ri’s videos always seem to stir up trouble but her latest work, “We Found Love” has the Anti-Rape Association furious. They are disgusted with Rihanna’s display  of visual arts.According to them Rihanna’s video  shows men dominating and having  possession over women. . ..There’s a scene in the music video where Rihanna’s leading man , Dudley O’Shaughnessy, spanks her and tattoos ‘Mine’ on her behind. While many are alleging that the video mirrors her relationship with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown , Ellen Kelly of the Rape Crisis Center is calling Rihanna’s video a “disgrace” and questioning the message Rihanna is trying to send to fans.

This is not Rihanna’s first time getting negative feedback from her visual concepts, her video ‘Man Down’ was criticized because the video showed a sexually assaulted Rihanna shooting the man who abused her. The Rape Crisis center is saying this about the video:

“Rihanna’s new video is a disgrace. It sends the message that she is an object to be possessed by men, which is disturbingly what we see in real violence cases.”

The video was directed by Melina Matsoukas who has openly defended her work and Rihanna by saying “domestic violence isn’t the topic at hand, it’s more about being in an unhealthy relationship.”

Do you believe Rihanna sends bad messages through her videos? Were you offended when you watched the video?

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  1. I am honestly tired of hearing about the controversy with Rihanna. Its a video and there is not secret message nor hidden agenda under tow. These people need to get a life and look at the video holistically. Why attack her when Melina Matsouka is the creative mind behind this video. What I gathered was her taking drugs and the ups and downs of an unhealthy drug related relationship. As with the other video she did, “Man Down”, she still received negative feedback. Seriously, what rape victim do you know would NOT want to shoot said perpetrator. She did what most want to do…all in all and in the end its a video. Not real life. A way of creative expression and she is not the one behind it all. Leave the woman alone and let her continue to make music.

  2. Man, “they can say whatever, nothing is foreva..yep u know this” ! I quote that Rihanna line because people are always gonna feel some way about Rihanna. Its just a video…people look too deep into the wrong things…..I think they need to solve a real issues not bash My girl Ri!


  3. Demetria yes there is a message that goes with a song however this is clear cut and concise. People act like this is some hidden messages, like National Treasure, where everything has a double, triple message squared. Message is about relationships, bad ones that one should not be in. If you are looking for some hidden message or meaning look on the back of a dollar bill, look at the eye, and continue to believe in the illuminate and that big brother is watching. As I stated before if there is some message and something that need be said, say it to the creative director, not Rihanna.

  4. if non- Christian based organizations with leadership that possess Phy D’s and Masters in Psychology discern morally and theoretically that Rihanna’s social responsibility is slack in relative to her celebrity, chances are that something probably is wrong. These people are not exactly out to get Rihanna, as they have real lives and are role models of higher learning- not role models that have to show their cooch and breast to stay relative to mainstream.

    don’t be so passive to the point of downplaying anything that doesn’t have visible horns. stand for something or fall for anything. rihanna is not to be praise in the world of moral stigma- wise up, chump.

    remember, your young daughters see this stuff on televsion and anybody with an education knows that children imitate what they see unless a standard has been establish.

  5. @Guapo I didn’t know that this was a religious debate?? Is it really the celebrity’s responsibility to be a role model or is that just a byproduct of their celebrity. I don’t believe anyone who is a celeb. goes into it saying that they want to be a role model to the kiddies. Its really not on them to pick up or put down that mantel. No I believe its more the parents role. I do believe the bible states that you are responsible for that child until 12 years of age. By that age they now know right from wrong and will be judged accordingly, since you brought religion into it. I believe its up to the parents to teach right from wrong, whom to follow and pattern themselves after and who they should disregard all together. So much emphasis is put on celebs when its the parents job to raise them NOT some celeb on tv. What was being done before television was out? No parents plop their children in front of the television and choose to let the tv watch their kids not taking into account that they are watching it as well. Then the want to push blame and responsibility of on some person they will never meet nor ever interact with. The blame is on the parents not celebs I digress. True there are clear signs there however its my opinion that its not as deep as most are trying to make it. All in all, this starts in the home because if parents set proper guidance then the celebs will not have the “power” that they have. We empower them and give them all that they are. We the people make them who they are. Without us they are nothing. So if there are any fingers to be pointed, look in the mirror. Remember when you point there are 3 others pointing back.


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