Are Chris Brown & Keri Hilson Secretly Dating?



Chris Brown and Keri Hilson were enjoying each other’s company over the weekend. E! News is citing sources who claim that Brown was, quote, “all over,” Hilson during Sunday’s post-Super Bowl party at Axe Lounge at Liv in Miami. Insiders say the two were “grinding each other” on the dance floor, adding that Brown, quote, “insisted on her being in a photo with him as well.” The two were seen leaving the party together with a group of friends. Hilson has since denied that she’s getting romantically involved with Brown, tweeting, quote, “LMAO paps think they slick!! Gone ask CB & I to tk a pic on carpet then asked da crew if we datin!! LHLAB so, no! I’mma let yall know now : p”

The homie Necolebitchie posted this  pic of the two all booed up at LIV.. I must say I think the 2 would work… What yall think?
Shot out to Polo for hooking them up..


  1. chris and keri makes a very cute couple, besides she is the only person i’m willing to share him with

  2. i really think that chris brown is a good couple with keri hilson even though that’s my boy and it wasn’t just his fault what he did to rihanna.She had to do something to make him made.But anyway my boy chis will make a good couple with keri hilson.

  3. Oh Please that chick is in her 30’s and portraying like she in that set. She is way to old for her fanbase, but as long as she doesn’t looked as aged as she is they will rock her.

  4. Keri Hilson is clever.. I don’t think she will think to date 21 years old Chris Brown, he’s younger than her like 5 years I guess, so they are friends that’s just a rumor, maybe Chris have his lyrics from her, she’s a real inspire person to any artist, they all would like to chill out with her, I really love her and I hope that she collaborate with Chris on her next album….. and guys Chris is already dating a model…..he moved on with his life…… so I guess we should stop judge him and look to his last 3 albums this man is wonderful……. his music is amazing, it’s all about music guys leave him alone and stop bringing back Rihanna & Chris stories… 🙂

  5. chris and keri makes a good couple sorry i got yall wrong and everything . i think u 2 were goin out but IF YALL WASNT IM THINKING YALL SHOULD DATE ! Just for us 2 be rite bout sum but u 2 makes a great couple and keri once again im a bigg fann of u and chris is sooooo hotttt u wont go wit em but i will .

  6. C est fou I’ll peut pas sortir avec une femme plus agee que lui c est humuliant pour les deux restez amis c est mieux elle est belle pour son age et beau pour son age


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