Aretha Franklin Says that She Fine & “Problem Has Been Resolved”


Aretha Franklin

Aretha has always done her best to keep her personal life out of the news — it’s been harder recently with reports of pancreatic cancer, but she still insists on the importance of her privacy.
Said Aretha:

“I am not one to do a lot of talking about my personal health or business. Not too much, not too much. There are a lot of people who will talk about anything, as long as there is somebody listening. But I am not one of those people. That’s not Aretha.”

That’s why on the subject her cancer rumors, she’s decided to remain silent:

“I am not going to even deal with that. I don’t have to talk about my health with anybody other than my doctors. The problem has been resolved.”

SO HAPPY to hear the problem has been “resolved”, according to her!
Aretha did say that her problems started when she felt a hard pain in her side during a concert in Toronto last year. She ended the interview by giving hope to her fans and thanking them for their support:

“I know my fans are concerned. Let them know I am feeling great and coming along. I want to thank my fans and friends and supporters who have prayed for me and sent me beautiful cards and flowers. Please continue to respect my privacy as I continue to recover.”

She’s so brave! Keep her in your thoughts and prayers!!

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