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Aretha Franklin Skipped Whitney’s Funeral After Upsetting the Family

The Queen of soul Aretha Franklin,  couldn’t attend Houston’s funeral ceremony yesterday because of ongoing health issues or so we were told… I smell a lie!!!

Franklin, 69, canceled her scheduled appearance at Houston’s funeral service, citing leg spasms, but sources and reviews note that the soul diva was fine Saturday night when she performed the second of two soldout concerts at Radio City Music Hall.


Sources say Franklin paid tribute to Houston during her concert — was even feeling well enough to entertain 40 of her friends at the Ritz Carlton hotel on Central Park South after Saturday’s show. Hummmmm!!!!


An eyewitness says Franklin, sporting a curly blond hairstyle, arrived on the arm of her on-again, off-again fiance William Wilkerson.“It looked like everyone was having a great time.”

Word on the street is Franklin pissed Whitney’s mom and family off after hearing comments she made during an interview she taped with Al Roker which is said to be really why she was absence from Houston’s funeral.

The video clip is no longer available on the “Today” website, but Franklin addressed Houston’s drug problem with what sounded like veiled criticism of the tragic singer’s upbringing.

“Parents have to really talk to their children before they leave home,” Franklin told Roker. “They have to make sure when they leave home, they have all the right things. She left home with all the right things, but she just kind of lost her way along the way.”

Franklin also denied she was Houston’s godmother, as the media has reported, but rather an “honorary aunt.”

Just so yall know Aretha love talking sh*t, then backtracking…

Insider noted Franklin had a good relationship with Whitney, “she should have gone to the funeral, even on a gurney,” or, at the very least, taped a tribute.

A spokesman for Cissy did not respond, but Franklin’s spokeswoman, Tracey Jordan, insisted that after Franklin’s Friday concert, “her leg had muscle lock and spasms” and the “Respect” singer “was up until 4 a.m. the next morning with pain.”

Jordan adds that Franklin walked out of Radio City “barefoot” Friday night because the swelling in one of her legs prevented her from wearing shoes. “She had to keep off her leg and keep it elevated Saturday.”


Watch Franklin’s “I Will Always Love You” and “The Greatest Love of All” below.

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