Artist Spotlight – Queensley Felix of Franklin Beauty School



We had the opportunity to catch up with Queensley Felix at the Mathew Knowles of Music World Entertainment & Ice Artistry ICE Artist Showcase. Felix is the star of OWN newest reality show Houston Beauty. In addition to being a cosmetology student, Queensley has skills when it comes to music and entertainment.

Check out the details below.

The homie Queensley Felix is making a name for herself on the OWN new reality show and in music. Queensly Felix is not only a reality star, but a singer/songwriter who started displaying her vocal chops at the tender age of 3, and who began performing at age 6.  She reached the Top 10 on BET’s highly rated ‘Sunday Best’.

Queensley discussed how she is using her fame on Houston Beauty to help get her footing in the music industry.  She wants people to see her as a girl who sings who happens to do reality tv.  Queensly says that Houston Beauty has opened up amazing opportunities to help her brand.   Queensley plans on creating a cool wig line and she’s all about “Keeping it Cute” she wants to create afforable make up line.

Check out the exclusive interview we got with this up and coming starlet below.

Learn more about Queensley Felix by visiting her website:, and check her out on Twitter/Instagram: @queensleyfelix. Be sure to check out Mathew Knowles of Music World Entertainment & Ice Artistry ICE Artist Showcase.


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  1. I loved her on the show…she was being herself and if they dont like it oh well she shouldnt have to dumb herself down for anyone…i do hair also i feel like you mia ryan and i wouldve been best friends…do you and be you…love you do your thang boo

  2. I really love queensly , i watch the show many a times over and over again . Never knew she could sing and im looking forward for new music from her . YASSSS HONEY .


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