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Atlanta Hawks Player Accused Of Unpaid Agent Fees

DeShawn Stevenson, was ordered by a judge to pay his ex-agent a large sum of money to his ex-agent over $100,000.
Stevenson was ordered to pay $190,000 to his ex-agent. TMZ reports, Mark Barelstein, claims to have represented Stevenson since 2006 and brokered some massive deals for the NBA player. He was around for the Washington Wizards in 2007 ($15 million), the Dallas Mavericks and the New Jersey Nets in 2011 ($2.5 million).NBA: Atlanta Hawks-Media Day
Barelstein filed court documents claiming that in January 2012 Stevenson did not pay the commissions owed to him in the amount of $190,043.80. An arbitration court agreed and ordered Stevenson to pay back in August 2012. The moneyallegedly not paid back yet and legal documents have been filed again in Georgia to have a judgement enforced.

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